Instant Quote Professional Version 8.30 - What's New?

Latest Version: Instant Quote Professional V8.30 released on May-9-2014.

See what's new for this version (Version: 8.40, updated Nov 30, 2014)

Instructions for downloading and upgrading from Version 6-7.x (click here for importing instructions for v5 and below)

How to import data from the previous major version 5.6, If you are using version 5 or below only, click here for more information. This link gives instructions on how to import your version 5.6 database into a new, Access 2007 database for use with version 7.

Previous Major Version Customers

With each new major version release (Ex: 7.81 to 8.00 is a major version release), the keys are changed, therefore, your existing key for older major versions 7.81 and below will not work with version 8. Use the Purchase button below to purchase your version upgrade. For minor releases (Ex: 8.0 to 8.1), the keys do not change. For 5 Plus users: Use the "5-User Purchase Link" below, THEN use the Eact Extra link to add any additional users beyond 5).

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Instructions for Upgrading from Version 6.X or Version 7.X

1. Download Instant Quote Professional version 8 and choose to save to Desktop:

2. Close all opened programs.

3. Install version 8 by double-clicking the IQPro.exe file saved in step 1 above and following the on-screen prompts. During install, choose "Full" install UNLESS you are using the multi-user version / shared database on a network, in which case choose "Workstation Only" option during install.

4. For network users, make sure all users have exited Intant Quote Pro.

5. Double-click the "Instant Quote Professional" desktop icon to launch the new version. The following will happen upon first run: A) IF you used version 6 or 7 as a single user and installed to default location, the system will prompt if you wish to copy your database from version 6 or 7 to the new install folder: c:\programData\Instant Quote Professional. Answer YES, and your previous database, to do list, dictionary, etc. will also be copied to the new folder. B) For Network Users: the system will prompt if you want to simply open the existing database on the network. Answer YES.

6. After step 5, the system will then open the version 6 or version 7 database, and prompt you to upgrade your data tables to v8. Answer Yes to update data tables.

See New Version Feature highlights w/pictures

Version History


V8.40 - Oct-25-2014


New Feature! You can now Import a Quote from an Excel Spreadsheet! This powerful new feature will allow you to Map the 4 required and one optional field to your excel quote (part #, description, qty, price, and optionally category). Upon importing, and NEW parts will be added to the parts screen, and existing parts will be Updated. At the end of the process, a new Quote will be created based on the imported spreadsheet. To use this feature, open the Quotes screen, click the Lower-Half of the "Create New Quote" menu, then choose "Import Quote From Excel".

When manually pasting in parts into the Import Parts screen, completely blank rows will now be ignored, rather than counting them as import errors and leaving the parts there for review.

When copying a Quote to the same Customer, then Line Discount of the original quote will be preserved.

Added new merge field for the Excel based quote/invoice: [LineNotes]. Previously, any line notes would be merged into the part description column. Now you can split this out to a separate [LineNotes] merge field. If you leave your templates as-is, they will continue to merge line notes with the part description.

In the Make Payment window on the Invoices screen, if the default pay type, invoice # and amount is already filled in, then the screen will open automatically to the "Check No / Credit Card No. field". If you change Payment Type to a Credit Card Type, you will be moved to the CC# field automatically. Additionally, to prevent erroneous new payment types from being added, the system will no longer prompt to add pay types if an invalid pay type is entered into the dropdown list.


V8.30 - May-9-2014

If using "Additional Price Levels" feature on the Parts screen, Part Setup Options screen, and you have the additional pricing columns set to be used as Cost Price, the system will now correctly recalculate the Selling Price based on the updated Cost Price by quantity.. For example, if you have a part set to have a new cost price of $100 if ordering 10 or more, the selling price will now recalculate using the new $100 cost basis.

Bug fix: If using the Configurator from the Invoices screen, when changing quantities on a Step, the focus will remain on the Configurator window rather than going to the Invoices screen.

Added "Customer Statement - Delivered Invoices w/Remittance" to the Reports screen, Customer tab. This is like the other customer statement forms except it only pulls Invoices with a "Delivered" status. This report can be filtered by selecting a Customer.

On the Quotes screen, if you are showing the 'Item Price (Discounted)' field on the quote layout, when you have a zero quantity to show an optional quote item, it will now show the discounted unit price, rather than showing a zero.

If you have the Manuf. Part # field enabled in Setup Options, Optional Features, it will now also display on the main quotes screen, right before the line notes column.

On the Reports: "Invoices with Delivered Status" and "Invoices with On-Order Status", if the Customer Company Name is blank, the customer name will now appear on the list, rather than a blank name.

V8.20 - Dec-23-2013

New Setup Option to Auto-Lock all Quotes after you have Ordered an Invoice from the quote. This will prevent accidental changes to the quote once it has been sold. You MUST ENABLE this option for it to work. To enable: Click Setup Options, then choose Software Options section. Check the new checkbox towards the top of the screen "After Creating an Invoice from a Quote, Lock the Quote".

If you have the option enabled: "When creating new invoices, prompt if customer is Past Due", you will now also be informed if the customer has an Un-Used Credit. You can then manually go to the Payments screen to apply the un-used credit to the newly created invoice. (To apply credit, pull up credit payment on the Payments screen by clicking the View Details icon, then in the lower left of payment window, choose the new invoice to apply payment to).

Added a 4th Master Sorting option for Quotes / Invoices: By Part Number. To enable this option, go to the Setup Options screen, Report Options section, and change Master Sorting for Quotes and Invoices to "By Part Number".

Added Option to show the Customer PO Number on the Quote Form. To enable this field on the quote form: 1) Open Quotes screen, then click lower half of Preview Quote Menu, then choose Edit Standard Quote Layout. 2) In the edit layout screen, you need to add 2 items from the "Add Additional Field" dropdown. Add both 'Customer PO Number Label' and 'Customer PO Number' from the Report Header entries. You may need to click on each new field, then reposition them to fit with the rest of your layout.

The Report: 'Unpaid Purchase Orders' now allows filtering for a particular supplier.

The Automated backup feature was leaving previous weekday backups on Windows 7 systems and above. The system will now remove the destination weekday backup prior to saving, so that at most 7 backups will be kept.

Fixed Graphs button to correctly go invisible if it is disabled (Setup Options, Software Options, Menu Button Visibility).

If using sub-components you can now disable the prompting / confirmation you receive when changing the main / base part's quantity. By default, the system will give a message informing you are changing the base part's quantity. To disable this message, go to the Setup Options screen, then Click 'Optional Features'. Under the 'Use Sub-Components' section, you can check the new box to 'Disable Informational Message prompting when changing Quantity of base part".

When opening the 'Add Parts' browser, focus will go to the "Search For" field upon opening.


V8.10 - Sep-8-2013

If using sub-components you can now disable the prompting / confirmation you receive when changing the main / base part's quantity. By default, the system will give a message informing you are changing the base part's quantity. To disable this message, go to the Setup Options screen, then Click 'Optional Features'. Under the 'Use Sub-Components' section, you can check the new box to 'Disable Informational Message prompting when changing Quantity of base part".

When opening the 'Add Parts' browser, focus will go to the "Search For" field upon opening.

July 6th additions:

When using button "Create PO from RMA" on the RMA screen, fixed message "Item not found in this collection" that was preventing a P/O from being created.

If the "Profit" information box is > 33 characters, the font size will decrease to 8 points from 10, thus allowing more information to show.

On the Invoices screen: When adding a part directly on a new line-item, the extended price was not carrying over correctly.

July 30th:

Fixed Issue with discount column when ordering a quote. The discount column would not carry over what was entered on the quote screen, and would instead look a the customer options for default discount, etc. This has been fixed.

August 6th:

Fixed error when running Reprint Invoices functions from reports screen: 'Error 94 Invalid Use of Null'. This was related to the new currency feature in version 8.


V8.0 - Jan-29-2013

General Additions Version 8

Replaced the Part Category Treeview Active-X Control with PC Expert's own control. This will solve All problems with the part category list not showing for those with 64-bit operating systems / office versions. Our TreeView control is superior to the Active-X control as it allows highlighting of the category so you remember the view is filtered, as well as the ability to use the up/down arrows to scroll through the categories. Finally, right-click functionality has been added to quickly view the details of the category, rename the category, and move it up or down in the list.

Users can now set the Office background color scheme (Blue, Silver or Black). This can be set using the lower half of the Setup Options menu button, then choosing "Background Color Scheme".

Time-Saver: When entering new Quote, Invoice, Job or Purchase Order line-items directly on a blank line, once you press enter, the system will automatically go to a new line, and put you in the same field. For example, if you go to a blank quote line, then type in P/N 1234 <Enter>, the system will add part #1234, then go down one to a blank line to the same P/N field. This works for the P/N, Internal P/N and UPC fields on all 4 screens.

In the Part Information popup screen (double-click part description throughout the program), there is a new "Last Quoted" tab that lets you see the last quoted / lowest quoted price details and quoted history of the selected part.

There is now a new Currency setting where you can enter multiple currencies and exchange rates that your company deals with. The currency symbol and exchange rates can be entered in the Setup Options screen, Financial settings section, by clicking the new "Edit Currencies" button, or by using the small '+' button next to the currency select for Customers/Suppliers. Once you have your currencies and conversion rates, you can then set a default currency to be used for a Supplier (New Currency setting in Supplier screen) or a Customer (new currency setting in Customer Options screen). This is entirely optional.. Leave blank if you do not need this feature.

When copying Quotes, Invoices or Templates, the system will now look to see if the target customer has a default discount in their customer options, and if so will use their proper default discount. Previously the system would use the default discount of the quote or invoice being copied, or the template being copied.

Part Rules / Auto Additions: Fixed problem. If you were adding one main part that had an associated part, and the associated part had auto-add items, if you answered "No" to not add associated part, the associated part's auto-add items were still added.

Part Rules / Auto Additions: If a suggested part is added w/ confirmation or auto-added, if the part already exists on the quote, invoice or job, then the quantity only will be updated, and sales price if applicable based on qty levels, etc.). One exception: If the part is a sub-component the part will be added again rather than updated.

Customers Screen

You can now search all additional Customer Contacts. This full-screen search facility can be opened by clicking the lower half of the Customers menu button, then choosing to Search Additional Contacts, or by using the lower half of the Search Customers menu within the Customers menu bar. As in the other full screen search facilities, you can search using any column, by clicking the small down arrow within the column's heading, then choosing what to search for. Double-clicking any entry will Open the Customers screen, switch to the correct Customer, then open the "Shipping / Additional Addresses" screen.

Quotes Screen

The Preview Quote menu button in the top menu bar section is now a split button. Clicking the top half of the button will preview the current Quote with one mouse-click. Clicking the lower half will open up the previous menu choices.

The Supplier Bid Forms available from the Preview Quote menu now have a customizable unlimited text field that can be entered. This can be used to give instructions to the Supplier on how to process your bid request, etc. To enter custom text to appear on all bid forms, click Setup Options menu button, then Report options. Click the top button to 'View/Edit Customizable Text", then in the Quote Text tab, enter your bid form text under the new option for "Quote Supplier Bid Form".

For Customers where you have set a base currency (see item in General Additions above), you can now print or preview the selected Invoice in either YOUR local currency OR your Customer's local currency. To set a base currency for a Customer that is different from your own, go to Customers screen, Customer Options button and choose the currency. To toggle the printed quote or invoice to print in your currency or the customers, click the lower half of the Preview Quote menu, and choose the 2nd option, which acts as the toggle between your local and customers local currency. Once currency is chosen, you can then preview or print the quote form.

In the Quote Status Codes maintenance screen, you can now choose a color for each quote status. Then when pulling up Quotes, the Quote Status background will change to that color, thus giving a visual cue for the quote status.

Invoices Screen

The Preview Invoice menu button in the top menu bar section is now a split button. Clicking the top half of the button will preview the current invoice with one mouse-click. Clicking the lower half will open up the previous menu choices.

The 'Quick Print' button is now customizable where you can set which invoice form to quick print. Choice are the standard invoice form, POS-sized invoice, or the Excel-based invoice. You can set which of the 3 using the lower half of the quick print menu button, then left clicking the form you wish.

You can now e-mail the Invoice Deposit Request Form. In the Invoice Deposit Request popup screen, use the new "E-mail" button to e-mail the request form.

Under the "Serial Numbers" entry screen, you will now see the Manuf. Part #.

For Customers where you have set a base currency (see item in General Additions above), you can now print or preview the selected Invoice in either YOUR local currency OR your Customer's local currency. To set a base currency for a Customer that is different from your own, go to Customers screen, Customer Options button and choose the currency. To toggle the printed quote or invoice to print in your currency or the customers, click the lower half of the Preview Invoice menu, and choose the 2nd option, which acts as the toggle between your local and customers local currency. Once currency is chosen, you can then preview or print the Invoice form.

The POS Invoice Form will now look at the Setup Options / Report Options setting to show part price w/ tax on printed invoice. Previously if you had 'show price w/ tax' checked, the POS Invoice was ignoring it.

Purchases Screen

The Part Description will now be Editable. Previously, the part description used only the stock description from the parts screen. Now, however, this field will function as it does in the quote and invoice screens, where it will Copy the base part description, but allow editing.

You can now set the base currency By Supplier for printed / previewed purchase order forms. For example, suppose you buy from a Supplier in their currency, the Euro, and sell in your currency, the US Dollar. You can then pull up that supplier in the Supplier screen (or use the "View Suppliers Details" button in the Purchase screen, then change the new "Send Purchase Orders in following Currency" setting. Now when pulling up a purchase order for the supplier whose currency you have set, the preview PO menu will now preview the P/O in their currency. However, you can still print/preview in your own local currency. To do this, use the new toggle under the lower half of the Preview P/O titled "Preview/Print in Supplier's Currency". If this toggle is enabled it will preview in supplier's currency, if disabled, it will use local currency.

Service Screen

In the Job Status Codes maintenance screen, you can now choose a color for each Job status. Then when pulling up Jobs, the Job Status background will change to that color, thus giving a visual cue for the Job status.

Reports Screen

The Call Log Detail report will now show the start/end time of the call, AND will now sort first by call date, call start time, then by customer.

V7.81 - Jul-21-2012

New Preview Menu option: While previewing any report, you can click the new toggle button "Keep Open" to force the program to keep reports open while switching tabs. This is handy when researching accounting reports, quote follow-up reports, etc. However, after researching, it is recommended to toggle the 'Keep Open' button back to off, as having too many reports opened could cause confusion. Users should note, however, that re-running an open report will NOT refresh the data, but rather switch to that already opened tab/report (behavior of the access development system).

Enhancements to Quotes Follow-Up List Reports: In the Reports screen, Quotes tab, running any of the Quotes Follow-Up List reports will now give the option to further filter the report by Quote Status, thus allowing you to print follow-up reports for your own quote status values, such as bid/lost, etc.

For those seeing the "Warning. Invoice does not pass validation.." error box, this box has changed to have an 'Ok' and 'Cancel' button. Clicking 'Ok' will recalculate the invoice, and 'Cancel' will leave the totals alone. The main cause of an Invoice not having tax calculated when the system determines it should is in the event that a part category is later changed from 'Tax Exempt' to 'Taxable', when there have already been previous invoices using parts from the category.

For those using the Components feature in the Quotes and Invoices screens, when changing the base part's quantity, the system will now inform you that any sub-components will have their quantities adjusted as well, including showing you what the adjustment factor will be. Additionally, for those who have had trouble with this feature in the past, it was determined that, if the base part had a Qty of zero, the system would not auto-adjust component quantities. This remains the same, since Zero means that it is an Optional part, however you will now be informed that components will NOT update.

New Feature: When using the 'Make Payment' button on the Invoices screen, the system now will inform the user if there is an unapplied credit on the customer account. If there is, a choice is given where the user is then taken to the payments screen to apply the credit to the invoice.

Enhancements to the "Select Items for Refund" function available in the Invoices screen, more Invoice commands menu. When creating a refund invoice, there is now a selection for "Payment Type" in the lower left of the 'Refund Invoice' screen. After setting the payment type to say, "Refund Invoice", then processing, the system will then automatically create off-setting payments to 'pay off' the resulting refund invoice, AND will also look at the original invoice. If the original invoice has a balance, another off-setting payment will be created to reduce the balance due on the original invoice. If the original invoice was paid in full, or still has remaining credit after the return, the system will create a new Unapplied payment, which is a credit that can be used on future invoices.

Service Screen: When an invoice is created before the job, you can now associate an existing Invoice with the selected job. To do this: First choose the job, then click the lower half of the 'Create Invoice from Job' menu button, then choose the last option: 'Associate Invoice with Selected Job". Finally choose the invoice in the popup that opens.

Service Screen: New Option in the "Setup / Screen Labels" button: "Use Job-Task Auto-Fill". Default is checked, and will cause the program to work as it did previously where new job task items will auto-fill the task description. Un-check this new option box to prevent the program from Auto-Filling the job task description.

Invoice Screen, Packing List Form: For those using sub-components, the packing list will now list any sub-components underneath the main component part line.

Enhancements to "Add Parts" browser. If left open, the screen will now detect if you have switched to a different screen, such as invoices or quotes. This will then cause the clicking of the 'add' checkbox to correctly add the part to the screen that you are working on. These fixes will add more usability to having the parts browser screen left open, such as searching for a part on the screen, then later creating a new quote and still being able to quickly add the searched part, or adding the searched for part to a new invoice after switching tabs, etc.

Reports Screen: The 2 reports, Print Invoices by Date Range and Print Invoices where 'Printed y/n' = No, will now inform you of how many invoices will be printed along with a Yes/No confirmation to abort the reprint invoices process.

Parts Screen Fix: Re-sizing the columns in the parts datasheet will now be remembered (with exception of the IPN, if enabled, which is a locked field).

Re-worked the Part Category Listing for those computers that do not support the old active x control (you will see a blank category list if your computer does not support this). The category list has been improved to show the main category at the top level, then only the sub-category name at the tree level, making the list much easier to read, and more like the active x treeview. To display the text version of the category listing, click the lower-half of the setup options button, then choose setup options - local pc only. Check the box 'Disable Treeview Control'.

Added New Report: Parts List - Active Only w/ MSRP to the Reports screen, Parts Lists tab.

Added company logo to the Part Specs form. Additionally, if "Show on Quote" or "Show on Invoice" is un-checked, the item will no longer show on the specs report. Finally, the Specs Report form will now sort based on your master sort settings for quotes/invoices (setup options - report options - master sort).

System Bid Sheets (available in Quotes screen, preview quote menu). The non-generic bid sheets will now have your vendor's Fax # underneath the other vendor name / vendor contact details. Adjusted the formatting of your contact details to be more prominent.

From Service screen, clicking the magnifying glass next to equipment to pull up the equipment record has been re-worked to be very fast. You will still be taken to the equipment screen, however, only the equipment record in question will be pulled up (by filtering the screen). You'll notice the lower area of the screen has a box that says "Filtered" in orange. Clicking this will resume showing all equipment for customer.

Fixed issues with Customer Equipment screen where screen *could* get out of sync with the customer name and equipment list when switching customers from outer screens, then switching back to Equipment.

The "Setup Spreadsheet Templates" window will now show the filename only for the list of available templates in the specified folder, thus allowing you to see the full file name.

The <Escape> key will now quickly close the 'What's New?' screen.

Fixed bug when using the "Search For" tool in Parts or Parts Browser: If text you are searching for contained a ", an error would result, such as searching for 3.5". The system will now ignore the " character prior to initiating a search.

Fixed bug when using the tool to update the markups on price levels regarding "can't find input or table: qryPartsSubSearchDesc'.

Misc. Fixes and Updates.


V7.7 - Oct-20-2011

New Graph Sales by Part Type: In the Graphs screen, you can now view a new pie chart graph that shows sales broken down by part category type.

New Report: Sales Ranking Report by Part Category: In the Reports screen, Invoices tab, there is a new report for viewing total extended amounts on invoices ranked by Part Category. This will allow you to see which categories of parts sell the best.

New Graph Year Filter: The existing Pie charts now support filtering results by year. This will allow you to see if a trend is changing for the current year by filtering the results by year.

Backup Utility and Automated Backup: Fixed problem regarding users not using English as their main language. If English was not the main language, the backup utility would fail. This was because the system was looking for "Copy of Database.accdb" or "database - copy.accdb". If the system detects that the copy did not work, you will now be prompted for the English translation of the words "Copy" and 'Of".

In the Purchase Order Scratch Pad screen, added a new checkbox to enable you to ignore the notes fields so that parts with like part numbers and costs will combine into one line when creating p/o's from the scratch pad. You must check the new box for the system to ignore the notes fields. Otherwise, if box is left unchecked (default) the system will carry over notes, thus preventing the combining of like parts/prices.

New Option to Require Customer Type / Business Source Entry - In the Setup Options Screen, Optional Features section, you can now check a box to require Customer Type / Business Source fields when creating new customers. If checked, when you go to the customers screen and click 'Add Customer', the Customer Type and Business Source fields (newly added to this screen) will be required when clicking 'Finish'.

New Job Setup Option - Copy field to invoice body notes: In the Service Screen, 'Setup / Screen Labels' menu button, there is a new option: 'When creating invoice from job, copy the following to Invoice Body Notes'. You can select any of the unlimited text memo fields on the service / work needed screens to auto-copy to the Invoice body notes field when creating an invoice from a job. (Note: This will not work when using the function: 'Create One invoice from Multiple jobs').

New Customer Labels Option in Reports Screen: Added new option in Customer tab of reports screen "Customer Address Labels (Customers w/ no billing as of date) - LABELS". You can now enter a 'From Date' to print labels only for customers who had invoices prior to that date, but not since that date. This is useful for "We want you back.." type mailings. New Report: This data is also available as a report, and will show directly underneath the new option for labels, titled: "Customer Address Labels (Customers w/ no billing as of date) - REPORT".

When Quoting zero quantity of a part, restored the functioning of v6 and below where parts with zero quantities on the quote would sort at the very bottom of the form.

Line-Items notes will now print on the Quote w/Pictures form. They will print in the existing part description box, with a blank line after the description and before the line notes.

In the Sub-Components window on the quote and invoice screens, there is a new column in the very far right (must scroll right) called "Sub-Component?". Un-checking this box will give a yes/no prompt on moving the item back to the main screen so it will no longer be a sub-component.

The "Quote/Invoice Summary at a Glance" will now show the total cost of all items in the profit box.

Customer Phone/Fax will now appear on the Invoice packing list form.

Added Internal and External Notes fields to the Purchase Order Search screen.

In 'Search Customers' screen, moved the e-mail address to appear on the first section next to website. This way you can see the e-mail address without scrolling right.

You can now right-click on a part in the 'add parts' browser, then choose to 'add part' to selected quote/invoice/po, etc.

Job Reports: All Job Orders Not Billed, Completed Job Orders (& Callback), Job Orders by Customer and Billed Job Orders Not Yet Completed will now support exporting to excel while in preview mode.

Bug Fix: External Parts Browser: In the external parts browsing screen, an error could occur when checking the 'add/upd' checkbox, then clicking to 'add/update checked items' where the system would not add the part and say that '1 part did not need updating'. This has been fixed.

Parts Screen, Mass Update button: In the parts screen, Mass Update utility, you can now update the manufacturer name for all selected parts. In addition, while mass updating, the system will now tell you how many parts will be affected in the update process in the 'confirm' message box.


V7.6 - Apr-30-2011

New Customer Labels Options in Reports Screen: In the reports screen, the old choice "Customer Address Labels" has been enhanced to allow a choice of label sizes. After clicking "Print" or "Preview", the label printing screen will open allowing you to choose your label size. As an added feature, the "From Date" and "To Date" fields have been enabled. This will allow you to print labels for customers that have had invoice activity within the date range entered. If you leave the date range blank, ALL Customer labels will be printed where the customer is Active and not excluded from mailings.

New Quote Estimator Selection: A new field is now available in the Quote Screen for choosing an estimator. This is for companies who may have a sales contact assigned to customer accounts, but use different employee's to actually provide the estimate/quote. This field will be Off by default. To turn on the Estimator field, click the "Setup Options" menu button, then choose Optional Features. Under the 'Quote/Invoice/Purchase Options' area, click the box "Show Estimator Tracking Field on Quotes Screen".

Parts Screen, Import Parts: The import parts screen will now have an option to set the 'Serial Entry' and 'Purchase Type' setting for any new categories encountered during the import parts process. See the new selection 'New Part Category Settings' next to the Advanced Import Options label of the Step 1 tab.

Reports Screen: You can now click the label "Customer" to change the sorting to be by "Company Name". This will act as a toggle to allowing you to filter by Customer's Last Name or by Company Name.

Service Screen - You can now set a job status to any custom job status code when creating an invoice from a job. If you click the green '+' button next to Job Status, you can check a new option in the job status codes maintenance screen for auto-updating a status when the invoice is created.

In the "Search Customers" and "Search Customer Call Log" screens, there is now a Sales Name Quick Filter selection at the top right of the search screen. You can then quickly filter the search screen for customers for the selected salesperson.

In the "Search Customers" screen, Double-Clicking within the Trace Date, Trace Notes or Customer Status fields will now take you to the appropriate record in the Call Log / Contact Management Screen.

The report: Print Invoices where 'Invoice Printed?' = No will now print grouped by Customer, Last Name, then Invoice #. Previously the function was printing invoices in invoice # order. This eliminates the need to manually group the printed invoices by customer.

The report: Customer Parts History w/Serial Numbers will now also show the manufacturer's part number.

Quotes Follow-Up List Detail - By Customer or By Quote Number will now prompt you for displaying the cost information. If sending to the customer you can answer No to not show cost information.

Internal Quote Form will now show the UPC field rather than the Last price Updated On line-items.

Call Log Summary in the Reports screen will now sort by Date within each Sales Person Group.

Customer Call Log: Added internal notes field that can be entered for each call log. This field will also be searchable in the "Search Customer Call Log" screen.

The total tax box label on the Job Order form on the Service screen will now show the description from the Setup Options screen, financial setting section.

In the parts screen, the Parts Datasheet View selection for "Stock" will now show the sales price as well as on-hand, etc.

When viewing a previously entered payment for a customer or a supplier, a new 'unlock' button has been added. This will unlock 4 fields to allow you to make minor changes to the payment to correct a mistake, excluding the amount field.

Bug Fix: When using the 'Clone Part' function on the parts screen, the Supplier will be the same as the part you are cloning (Previously it was using the default supplier set in the Suppliers screen).

Bug Fix: When using the "Add / Update Labor Charges" screen, fixed problem with message "Can't find the field cboPartCat".

V7.5 - Dec-18-2010

New Backup Feature: A new Backup screen will now open when starting Instant Quote Professional. You can also open this new backup screen at any time by closing open screens, then clicking the top left office button and choosing "Backup Instant Quote Professional Database". This screen will walk you though backing up your database. The last used location will be remembered. Once you click 'Start Backup', the system will record the date backed up, if successful, and will not ask you again when starting the program until the next day. This Backup screen can be turned off, by User/PC, by clicking the "Do not prompt me to backup.." checkbox. Backups are critical in being able to recover your data in the event that your database file becomes corrupted due to power loss, accidental deletion, etc.

Invoice Renumber Feature: In the event there is a mistake (unintentional gaps / skipped numbers) in your invoice numbering, you can now renumber an invoice. To do this, click the 'Setup Options' button in the main menu bar, then click the "Auditing / Tools" button. Click "Unlock" next to the "Renumber an Invoice" button to unlock this feature. If security / logging on is in use, you must be logged on as an admin user to use the unlock button. Next, choose the invoice to renumber, then enter the new number, and finally click the "Renumber and Invoice" button.

Invoice #, Quote #, Job #, PO # Disable Override Feature: Prior to this version, whenever a user began a new Invoice, Quote, PO or Job, the system would suggest the next available Invoice #, Quote #, etc., and would allow the user to override the next available number. This can lead to inadvertent renumber of invoices, quotes, etc. (The main reason an override was available was for new users to the program.) You can now disallow renumbering by checking a new setup option box. Go to the Setup Options screen, Software Options button, then check the new option box "Disable Overriding of Quote #/Invoice #/PO #/Job #". If Security / Logging on to Instant Quote Pro is in use, the system will first look to see if the new setup options disable box is checked, and if it is not, the system will now require that you are logged on as an Admin user in order to override the next available #.

Warn if items are out of stock when Quoting or Invoicing! In the Setup Options menu button, Software Options settings, changed and improved existing feature: "When adding to a quote, warn if items are out of stock", has been changed to now apply to Invoices as well. The old feature has been improved to not prompt unless the part category for the part being ordered has 'Purchase Type' checked (this means you will not be warned for labor, shipping parts, etc.). The old feature has also been improved to prompt for items added manually to new lines of a quote/invoice.

You can now disable being prompted to print a second copy of the pos invoice receipt in the payment wizard screen. The prompt will now have a 'cancel' option that will suppress further prompting. Prompting can be re-enabled in the setup options screen, pos invoice setup button.

The Part # (SN) column in the quote/invoice/po/job screens has been increased when clicking the dropdown arrow to choose a part #. This is to accommodate larger part # fields for easier selection.

The Office Button menu will now have an option to quickly close all open tabs so that the user can see / have access to all office menu functions (open iq pro database, begin new database, backup, setup options, etc.).

The Tools Tab in the main menu bar now has options for running a backup and exiting instant quote professional (using this button will allow the automated backup to run, whereas using the top right 'X' button will not allow the backup to occur).

If you have the Setup Option, Financial Options setting "Round Tax / Sales Price to the Nearest .05" checked, parts with a sales price of less than .03 will NOT round. A problem was occurring where a part with a sales price of .01 was being added with a zero sales price.

Increased Company Name field in the quotes by quote status and Aging report so that more of the company name field can be visible.

V7.4 - Oct-14-2010

New Screen: Invoice Related Graphs have now been added to the program! Next to the Reports menu button, there is a new Graphs button that can be clicked to open the new Graphs screen. 7 Graphs are now available. These new graphs visually show similar data from the Reports screen, Invoices tab. 4 of the new graphs show amount invoices per month, profit amounts invoiced per month, amount invoiced by year, and profit amounts invoiced by year. These 4 graphs visually show revenue trends for managerial use to see monthly and yearly trends. Additionally, 3 Pie Charts are available that will show, of the amounts invoiced, the percentages by Customer Types, Business Source and Sales Person. Note: If Security is enabled when starting Instant Quote Pro, you can prevent access to the new Graphs screen using the existing option to lockout Reports screen access. They will share the same security setting.

For some Windows 7 pc's (Ultimate, etc.) that have Office 2010 and / or Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, the part category tree listing may not display any categories. This is due to Microsoft phasing out certain 'Active X' controls. To fix this problem, v7.4 includes a standard listing of categories that can be displayed in place of the treeview control. This will show categories and sub-categories, but will not be in a tree-style '+/-' display. However, this will allow you to resume filtering by categories in the Parts screen and when adding parts to quotes, invoices, etc. How to turn on the new category list: In the main menu bar, click the lower-half of the Setup Options button and choose "Setup Options - Local PC Only". Check the new checkbox: "Disable Treeview Control". This setting is by pc, so if you have one pc where the treeview list is working, you can leave the new setting un-checked.

The Sales Ranking Report by Customer now supports exporting to Excel while in preview mode.

When clicking "Add New Customer" in the customer screen, a new popup screen will open asking for the contact and company name. They system will search for duplicates and alert you if found. This new popup will resolve issues when adding new customers with screen updates not being allowed, etc.

When e-mailing from the service screen, the subject line will now be set with your company name in the subject, as the quote and invoice e-mailing currently does.

The "Add a Part Wizard" (used for adding parts to quotes, invoices, etc.) will now show the MSRP price next to the sales price IF the MSRP field is enabled in setup options, optional features section.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed lockup / not responding error that could occur in some search screens when searching line-items and double-clicking to view an item.

The Excel based quote and invoice will now correctly show the unit price pre-discount if the quantity is greater than 1. It was incorrectly showing the discounted price, whereas the previous version added separate fields for the discounted unit price.

The Excel based quote and invoice will now correctly display the unit price when dealing with sub-components and multiple quantities of sub-components / main components.

Fixed error when using the secondary currency excel based quote export that would occur IF the discount field was also used.

When e-mailing a p/o, if you had the option set to show the customer name in the subject line, it was incorrectly doing this for purchase orders.

Sales Ranking report - The profit field was cutting off numbers longer than 6 digits.

V7.3 - Apr-1-2010

*** This Version will install a new off-line parts database browser (filename: TD.accdb). If you manually move updated files for new versions to multiple networked users, make sure to copy the new TD.accdb file that installs to all workstations as well, or errors will result.

New Feature: You can now show line prices including tax on the Quote, Invoice and Job forms, including the quote/invoice excel templates. To enable this feature, go to Setup Options, then click Report Options, and check the box to show prices w/tax on the quote/invoice/job forms. Note: The system will continue storing a total tax based on the grand total of taxable parts, therefore if you manually add all individual lines, including tax, minor rounding differences can result when comparing the total tax for all parts vs. Individual line item amounts.

New Option in Setup Options screen, Software Options button: You can now require that an 'Update' button be clicked prior to editing existing Customer or Supplier screen fields. To enable this feature, click the new checkbox in Software Options: "When updating information on the Customer and Supplier Screens, require user to click 'Update' button prior to updating fields". Checking the box will add a new 'Update' button on both screens and auto-lock all fields when opening the customer/supplier screens unless the new button is clicked. Additionally, this will lock the information on the new customer picture / notes popup, supplier information screen and customer notes available on the 'expand notes' button on quote/invoice screens.

Customer / Supplier Screens: If you change the name of an existing company or supplier, you will now be prompted with a warning message in the event the user had meant to click 'add customer' or 'add supplier'.

New Customer Price List Report: Reports Screen, Parts lists Tab. You can now print a 'Portrait Layout' version of the Parts list - Customer report. This report has a slightly wider part description, and narrower part # field then the landscaped version, however the page layout is set to Portrait, which potentially can decrease the # of pages of the price list.

In the e-mailing window there is a new option to also show the customer name in the subject line of the e-mail. This is useful for those who save sent e-mails in their e-mail software, as this would allow a sorting to show all items for the customer grouped together. To enable this option, click the e-mail button for any quote or invoice, then click the "Footer / From Setup" tab, then check the new option "Show Customer's Company in the subject line..".

New Purchases screen option in the Setup Options screen, Inventory / Purchase Options section. You can now check a box to be prompted to change the default supplier of the part permanently when you add a part to a purchase that is not set for the p/o supplier. To enable this, check the box: "When Adding parts to purchases, prompt to update default/current supplier IF the added part's default supplier does not match the p/o supplier".

*** External Parts Database: Ingram Micro - Ingram Micro has been redesigned to allow for importing of their new pricing.txt files. Previously, Ingram Micro browsing was allowed using their EPG.exe program, which is no longer available. To work with Ingram Micro data again, you will need to access your account on Ingram Micro, go to their FTP / Downloads area, and download 2 files: Pricing.txt and NewCats.txt. Pricing is the current list of all products, and NewCats is the part category cross-reference files, which is required in order to determine the part category. With the redesign, you can now select multiple lines to 'add / update', whereas previously you could only add one at a time.

External Parts Database: Synnex - The "Setup / Import External Data / Update Options" button will give a new option on the Synnex Setup tab: "Use Manufacturer Name as the Sub-Category Name when adding parts". Checking this option will direct Instant Quote Pro to auto-create main categories and sub-categories (using manufacturer name as the sub-category) when adding parts to the program. Ex: Box CPU (Main Cat.): AMD (Sub-Cat).

Service Screen Job Agreement and Job Task Forms: In the upper right-corner of both forms, in order to have a cleaner look, if items are blank they will be hidden, unless items further down the list are used. For example, if you are not using the 'job needed by' field, it will become invisible provided that fields below it are also not being used. Additionally, in the "Setup / Screen Labels" button, you can now turn off the use of the customer e-mail address field.

When creating a purchase order from the Quotes screen, order quote menu, provided that you are not using the option to 'send ordered items to the p/o scratch pad for review', the quote body notes will copy to the P/O's external notes field.

Added "Open Customer Notes / Picture" menu button to the Quote and Invoice screen menu's "More Commands" menu. This will allow user's to have the customer picture / notes popup screen turned off by default, yet still access the notes & customer picture screen quickly, if needed.

Fixes to Quote Form w/Pictures. Fields for price / extended price / part description are now wider. If you had overflows in the price fields, this was throwing off the box outline causing part description text to flow outside the box, and potentially causing a 2nd blank quote page. Additionally, If you have grand totals turned off, the border box will now turn off as well.

V7.2 - Mar-1-2010

There is now a 'Last Used' popup screen that will now open automatically when you first start Instant Quote Professional. This is a very handy, time-saving feature that will list the last quotes, invoices, jobs and p/o's that you last worked on (changed), in descending time order. Single-clicking in the list of last used items will show an expanded description / title and last used date, whereas double-clicking will open that item for editing. With the Quotes, Invoices, Service or Purchase screen opened, you can click a small button in the popup screen to see only the last modified items for the Customer selected (purchase will just show the last modified items). Clicking the button next to it with the 'undo' picture, will resume showing last modified items that you worked on. For each 'last used' list item, you can enter notes to remind yourself where to pick up with that quote or invoice, etc.. The list will show the last 10 items modified. The oldest items will drop off the list (including the deletion of your note), to maintain 10 items. However, if the selected customer button is clicked, the list will show all items descending by modified date. The window can be moved away from the main Instant Quote Pro screen, and you can click a 'save window position' button to save the new location of the window, which will be remembered the next time you start IQ Pro.

Customers And Suppliers Screens: Added a new attachments field that will support multiple attachments to picture files, pdf's, spreadsheets, etc. This field can mainly be used for the customer's picture(s), and other links to .pdf's, excel or word files, etc. For suppliers, you can easily link to common supplier forms, such as supplier specific RMA forms, etc. Clicking on the default picture image will reveal a menu for adding attachments or browsing through the attachments. For network users, it is recommended that you use a server drive letter so that all workstations see the files as the same path / drive.

Quote/Invoice/Service/Payments - Added a Customer Information popup screen that will place very useful information in a small window off to the side of the main screen. This is a powerful feature that will increase the productivity and knowledge of your sales staff by placing great information at their fingertips. The customer information screen will display: 1) Customer's Picture (new feature described above - links can also include multiple pictures, .pdf's, documents, or any type of links), 2) Customer Notes field, 3) Three buttons for opening the Customer's website, e-mailing the customer and opening a new informational file link (see info. Link feature below). Another nice touch is if you have the main Instant Quote Pro window sized (not maximized), you can drag the customer information popup window to the left or right hand side of the main IQ Pro window, then click a button in the new customer information screen to Save the window's position.

Customer Screen: Added new field for tracking an informational file link. This is a link to a file on your computer or network server and can be used for any type of file, such as a network map link, site map, customer document or summary, etc. For network users, it is recommended that you use a server drive letter so that all workstations see the files as the same path / drive.

In the Spell Checker screen, there is now a button to save the window's position. This will be remembered even after shutting down the program and re-starting. This is useful to control the position in which the spell checker opens.

In the 'Add Parts' browser, there is now a button to save the window's position, which saves the top and left starting position of the window.

In the Invoices screen, the system build notes / instructions will now print on the Job Sheet. For those not wanting to use the Service screen, this is a quick way to add instructions to an invoice for the on-site tech.

New option when creating new invoices for prompting to enter sales initials (salesperson field) when the default salesperson is not filled in in the Customers screen. This feature will be Off by default. To activate the prompting for sales person, click Setup Options, then the software options button. Check the new option "When Invoicing, prompt user if sales person is left blank".

Service Screen: Added "Callback Complete?" field. This field can be used to track whether a Quality Assurance (QA) / follow-up call has been made after the completion of a job order. Additionally, this new field will show in the "Search All Jobs" screen, next to the job completed date field.

Service Screen: Added new Report "Completed Job Orders Needing QA Callback". This report is located in the Reports screen, Service / Jobs tab and will report all Jobs where the completed date is Not blank (thus showing only completed jobs) and the new Callback Complete field (as described above) is Not checked.

The 'Send Bulk E-mails' tool will now allow multiple e-mail addresses in the e-mail field that are separated by a ';'. Previously, if you were using full outlook or easymail, multiple addresses was causing the e-mailing to fail. Additionally, the bulk e-mail tool will now remember the last subject, last body text and rich text preference used. Additionally, the e-mail quote / invoice window will now remember the last rich text preference used.

Added customer e-mail to the Job Agreement and Job Task Forms on the service screen.

When printing labels, the last used label style will now be remembered.

Bug Fix: For those using the default sorting of line-items for quotes, invoices, etc., fixed the line sorting problem that could occur if you copied an invoice or quote to a new one, or started a quote or invoice from a template.

Bug Fix: If you were using "MS Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007" as your e-mail method, and using the 'attach pdf's or attach extra file in the e-mailing window, the program was inadvertently deleting the pdf or extra attachment after e-mailing.

Misc. Bug fixes.

V7.1 - Dec-30-2009

For those using Netbooks, or those using Windows 7 who have a screen vertical resolution of 768 lines or less, you can now turn on vertical scroll bars. To do this, click the lower half of the Setup Options button menu, then choose "Setup Options - Local PC Only" and check the box "Use Vertical Scroll Bars". For those with resolution greater than 768 lines, checking this box is not needed.

For US customers only (hope to add support for Canada, UK and Australia in 2010), added a new credit card processing integration module. This is an add-in provided by Synapse Corporation using Marathon as the merchant processor. Using this feature requires a merchant account with Marathon. The 'make payment' buttons on the invoice and payments screen will now automatically process the charge IF you have a synapse user id and password entered in the Setup Options screen, POS Invoice Setup button. To get a Marathon merchant account, please contact for more information. Integrated processing has the following features: 1) If you enter the details in the Make Payment button or Enter Payment in the Invoice or Payments screen, then press Finish, a Synapse Gateway screen will open allowing you to process the card. 2) In the payments screen, the authorization code, AVS and CVV responses are available if you view an existing payment. This means you can always see the details of the charge without looking at receipts for authorization codes, etc. The synapse gateway add-in supports card swipers and receipt printers, while Instant Quote Pro records the payment.

Customer Equipment Changes: Added 2 new fields to the Customers screen, Customer Equipment section: 1) There is now an equipment year field. This is especially useful for industries where the model year is important. 2) There is now a Page Count filed. This field is a numeric field that has a customizable label. For example, if you were tracking page counts for a printer repair business, you would leave the label as is. If you are in the auto-repair business, you would click the 'Page Count' label, and edit it to say "Mileage", thus using the field for tracking mileage. The 4 fields in the Equipment screen that have customizable labels now have a different background color: Serial Number, Page Count, Windows COA# and Win Version.

Customer Equipment Changes: Added the ability to quickly begin a new Invoice from an equipment record. To do this, go to the Customers screen, Customer Equipment button, click on the equipment record you are wanting to create an invoice for, then click the new button in the Equipment screen menu: "Create a New Invoice from Equipment Record".

Customer Equipment Changes: The Preview Repair History for Selected Equipment report will now show the main details for the equipment, any job orders create for that equipment, and a new section that shows all invoices created for the selected equipment (using the new invoice from equipment record button described above).

Customer Equipment Changes: Quotes Screen: There is now a function for creating a new Customer Equipment record from a Quote line-item. To use this function, pull up an existing quote, click within any line-item to select, click the menu "More Quote Commands", then choose: "Create Customer Equipment Record from Selected Line-Item".

Receipt Printer forms / POS Form changes: You can now select whether to use a new 80 mm / 3.14 in. receipt form for the POS Invoice form and the Job check in receipt. To change to the wider receipt form, go to Setup Options, then POS Invoice Setup, and check the box to use the 80 mm receipt printer paper size. By default this box will be checked when installing v7.1. To use the old size of less than 2.5 in, un-check this box. Additionally, fixed the paper sizes for the receipt forms so that standard letter or A4 will not be used. For testing purposes, added a "Preview POS / Receipt Printer Invoice" command in addition to the existing "Print" command.

When adding parts to a quote or invoice using the 'Add Parts' browsing window, the on-hand field, which has been moved next to the price, will now show in blue/bold if the on-hand is greater than zero. This will allow stocked items to stand out apart from non-stocked items while quoting/invoicing.

Added 'Check All' and 'Un-Check All' buttons to the "Delete Lines" screen in the Quotes Screen menu for deleting multiple quote lines at once. Added left & right align/scroll button for the part description field. This is useful for very large descriptions to quickly scroll to see the right-most characters so you can easily see which item to delete.

Added Total Cost & Extended Cost fields to the 'Quotes Follow Up List - Detail' reports available in the Reports screen, Quotes tab.

Purchases screen: When using the Copy Purchase button, you can now override the next purchase order number.

Added customizable text field for remittance / payment instructions. This field will print on the Customer History Statement and the Customer Statement - Unpaid Invoices w/Remittance forms. To customize the text, click the Setup options menu button, Report Options, then View/Edit Customizable Text.

When using the Quick Invoice function (Ctrl-Z), you can now set an option to not be prompted for the next Invoice #. To set this option, go to the setup options screen, software options section, then un-check the 'prompt for invoice #' box under the quick invoice section.

Misc. Fixes
When using part rules, if you had a rule to add a part as a sub-component, the program would sometimes allow the deletion of the main part line even if it had sub-components. If this occurs, any sub-components will now be reset to a main part line.

Fixed The 'Add Parts to Current Quote/Invoice' browser and the Configurator window re-size issue. V7.0 stated that these windows would remember the size if you used your mouse to drag the window to a larger size. This was not functioning. These 2 windows will now correctly remember the size of the screen if you drag the screen to a larger size, then re-open the screen.

Adjustments to formatting and wording on the quote bid sheets. Removed category and added manuf. Part # to the detail of the forms.

Parts Export for importing into another database: This has been updated to include the new pricing columns and quantity columns.

When previewing or printing a quote, if you have just changed the quote title, quote body notes, or line notes, but have not committed the change by tabbing away from the field, the previewed quote was not showing the changes. Added new code to save these fields even if the user forgets to tab away to commit / save the field.

When starting a new quote, the sales initials for the previous quote will correctly clear out, as well as the quote body notes. Previously, the system was leaving the last quote's body notes and sales initials, even though they were not saved to the new quote.

If using Large Parts DB Mode, fixed the Service screen so it will now show part numbers AND Fixed the adding of parts directly on a new line in quote/invoice/service so that Part Rules will now be used, if present.

Misc. Report alignment fixes (Job Task Form, Job Agreement, P/O Summary & by Supplier).

V7 - Sep-8-2009

General Additions Version 7

Removed "Disable Automated Compacting / Optimizing" feature. With this option checked, Exiting Instant Quote Pro was leaving resources open in the windows task manager, and the program would not properly close, which could cause corrupted program files.

With No screens opened, clicking the top left Office button will now give an option to Create a New Instant Quote Pro database. If 'security / log-in' is in use, Admin rights will be required.

The Payments Search screen will now show the Invoice #. If one payment covered multiple invoices, this will show as follows: A new Pymt. ID (Internal) field will be displayed that will be duplicated for each of the invoices for the one batch payment.

Reports Screen: Added the ability to add a report to a new "Report Favorites" list. Simply click on a report, then use the new "Add to Favorites" button in the top Reports Menu to add reports. Once you have added reports to your favorites list, when opening the Reports screen, your favorites list will be displayed automatically.

Reports Screen: If you choose a report that has a part # selection, you can now Double-Click in the 'part number select' box to open the 'add parts browser', which will allow you to easily find and choose the part.

The "Add Parts Browser" is now a sizable window. If you resize the window, the datasheet will expand. The height and width will be remembered upon closing the browser window, but will be reset to design defaults when loading new versions. Additionally, if you click on a line that has a part picture, the picture will now be displayed in the lower right corner.

Parts Screen

The Parts screen has been redesigned to allow quick search fields at the top of the screen, just as in the "Add Parts to Current Quote…" screen. However, you can still search in all other columns by using the small down-arrow triangle filter options within each column heading.

Added the Ability to create Price Levels based on Quantity Breaks. The system can now track up to 6 additional pricing columns. You can set the quantity that will trigger each price break. A 'Markup/Margin %' field can also be turned on to maintain the price level automatically as a markup of the part cost. You can also specify whether the new price columns are to be designated as your cost or the selling price. If you choose Cost, this enables a very powerful way to import your actual costs based on quantities in the Parts Import screen, then when Quoting/Invoicing, IQ Pro will add your normal markup to the correct Cost Level column. To turn on this feature, go to the Parts Screen, then click the new "Additional Part Tools / Setup Options" menu, then select 'Parts Setup'. You can select to show from 1 to 6 additional pricing columns (which you set as Cost price or Selling price). If you are using the new price fields as Selling price, you can use a new quick update tool, which is available by clicking the new "Update Price Levels" button in the Parts screen menu area. Using this update screen, you can quickly update sales price columns to a markup % of the main cost price field for the new pricing columns. The parts that will update are based on your current search and parts screen filters. When creating a quote, invoice or job, the various pricing columns will trigger as the quantity increases or decreases. If you are using the new fields as Cost levels, the cost price will also update.

Added the ability to define Configurations via a new "Config's" menu button to the Parts screen. This feature will take the guess work out of quoting, will reduce training, and improve accuracy. Now you can setup various configurations where you set the part category or part for a sequence (step) in the new Configurator. You can set categories or parts up to be required for a valid configuration. After creating the steps (required categories or parts) for a configuration, you can then begin a new quote or invoice using the "Configurator". Having highly organized part category groupings will be helpful in creating your new Config's. For example, in the computer industry, different types of memory are specific to motherboard types. If you lump all memory into one category, the 'validate' process will not be as helpful. However, if you categorize your memory into the type of memory using a new part category, the validate process will become even stronger.

Added new Part Rules and Auto-Add rules to the Parts screen via the lower half of the new "Config's" menu button (or the lower half of the Parts screen button). This is a very powerful feature that will allow you to relate parts to other parts, where you can set a rule to "Auto-Add the Associated Part", "Auto-Add the Associated Part as a component", "Suggest the Associated Part", or "Require the Associated Part for a valid Configuration". In the Part Rules screen, you pick the source part, then the associated part. Choosing is easy as you can double-click in the part and associated part number fields to open the 'add a part' browser. Double-clicking in the part description will show the part information window. By adding part rules, this makes it possible to add one part, and have the system automatically add many related parts, thus saving a great amount of time quoting and invoicing, and reducing quoting or invoicing mistakes.

Vastly Improved the Hide Cost function (<Ctrl>H is the toggle to hide/unhide), a function used to hide cost fields if you have a customer looking at your screen. <Ctrl>H which will now function much better in the parts screen due to a screen redesign. Now, when toggling the cost prices off, the screen will hide the cost column without the need of closing and re-opening the parts screen.

New Sales Commission field determined by Part Category. In the Sales / Employee Names maintenance screen, rather than having a commission for each sales person, you can now check a box to turn on a new Commission field in the Part Category setup screen. This allows a commission to be entered for each part category. The existing Sales / Commission report would then figure commissions based on the types of parts that were sold. This also enables you to not give commissions on certain part categories, such as labor, by setting the labor part category commission to zero.

Added a new Setup Parts screen button available under a new "Additional Part Tools / Setup Options" menu button. These are the setup screen fields related to the Parts Screen that were previously only available in the Setup Options screen. To this screen, v7 also adds the ability to set the Part Category listing's width in the main Parts screen. Using this option, you can set a number (from 2500 to 8000 - measured in pixels).

In the Part Information popup screen, if internal part notes are entered, this will now be indicated on the main / 1st tab.

Customer Screen

Added a "Customer Equipment" button to the customer menu. You can now track Customer Equipment / Assets by clicking the Customer Equipment button. In the menu area of the new Customer Equipment screen, you can create new Equipment Records, Create a new Job Order for the selected Equipment, preview a New Customer Equipment report, preview a New Service History report for the selected equipment, or search all customer equipment records. While clicking on each customer equipment record, you can easily see if the item is still in warranty (icon will turn to a warning sign when the warranty has expired) or if the item is in for repair (you will see a yellow toolbox icon). If the items is in for repair, clicking the toolbox icon will open the job order, while clicking the magnifying glass next to the invoice # will pull up the invoice.

Added "Search Customer Equipment" button to the lower half of the Customer Screen button menu. This is a new full-screen search facility allowing you to search all customer equipment records.

In the "Call Log / Contact Management" tab, added a New "Create Invoice" button. At the click of a button, you can now create an Invoice for ALL Call Log entries where the 'Billed?' box is not checked. A screen will open allowing you to set the labor part, description (or you can use the call log subject), and you can control whether to create an Invoice line for each call, or one summary Invoice line. After the Invoice is created, the calls will be marked 'Billed' automatically.

Service Screen

You can now create one Invoice from Multiple Jobs. To do this, pull up one of the jobs you wish to create an Invoice for, then click the Lower-Half of the "Create Invoice from Job" menu button, and choose "Create One Invoice from Multiple Jobs". A screen will open allowing you to choose from available Un-Invoiced jobs for the selected Customer. This new function allows you to create jobs throughout the month, yet only create one invoice (monthly, etc.) for all work done.

Added "Equipment ID" below the "Item Checked In" selection. You can now type in the Item Checked In OR you can choose from existing customer equipment from the new customer equipment section (see customer screen section above). Choosing equipment in the Equipment ID field will tie the Job to the customer equipment, and auto-fill the "Last Serviced Date" in the customer equipment screen. Optionally, you can type in new equipment directly into the "Equipment ID" field and you will be prompted to create the new Equipment record.

Added the ability to track Serial Numbers just as you can in the Invoice screen. With a job pulled up, click the new "Serial Numbers" menu button to record the numbers used. Blank entry records will be added / maintained just as in the Invoice screen. Additionally, searching for serial numbers from the Invoice or Service screens will now search for serial numbers contained on Invoices and Jobs in the same search screen.

In the 'Work Needed / Job Hour Tracking' Section, a new button has been added to the top menu area: "Create New Charge for Total Task Hours". Using this button will allow you to choose a labor part, and add a charge for the total labor from the Hour Tracking section.

The 'Job Selection' and 'Cust. History Selection' for choosing a Job will now show an "Invoiced?" column so you can easily see which Jobs have not yet been invoiced.

The Job Workcard Form will now show customer work required, results and repairs made notes fields, as well as empty boxes for recording mileage and hours. However, if hours and mileage have already been recorded in the service screen, the boxes will show the actual amounts rather than a blank box.

Added the "Tax-Exempt" box for one tax systems as well as the "Tax-Exempt 2" box for 2-tax systems to the main Service screen, exactly as they are available in the Quote and Invoice screens. This box will be set based on the 'Customer Screen, Customer Options - Tax Exempt' setting when creating new Jobs, when creating a Job from a Quote or Equipment record, and when creating an invoice from a Job.

Invoice Screen

You can now quickly create a new Customer Equipment / Asset record in the Serial Number entry screen. Click on a serial entry line, then click the new button to create a new customer equipment record. Doing so will auto-fill equipment record values for: Serial Number, Description, Purchase Date, Warranty Expires Date (if filled in on the Invoice screen) and Invoice Number.

When E-mailing an Invoice, the Invoice "Printed?" box will be automatically checked.

When picking serial numbers, the serial number selection will now be sorted.

Quotes / Invoices / Service Screens

In the 'Title / Description' fields in Quotes, Invoices and Service, pressing <Tab> or <Enter> will bring you to the line-items section.

Vastly Improved the Sorting mechanism for quotes, invoices and jobs. If you have your Master Sorting (setup options or 'part category setup' setting) to "Part Category Sort Order" field, the 1st sort will be the sort order column in the part category setup screen, then the big change is that the 2nd sort will then be the order added to the quote / invoice, etc. This means, by default, you can now have a true order added sorting by leaving all 'part category sort order' fields at zero. Labor / Delivery Part Categories will NO Longer sort to the bottom. However, if you wish to continue having your labor / delivery categories sort to the bottom, you must then change your 'labor delivery' Part Categories to have a higher 'sort order' column value then all other categories. For example, to update your system to true a true order added, change all the Sort Order columns in the Part Category setup screen to Zero, and master sorting to "Part Category Sort Order field".

Vastly Improved the way part lines show on the screen and Quote/Invoice forms and sub-components. If you use the option to sort by the SortID in the part category setup screen, if there is a 'tie' in the sort, the tie-breaker will now be the order added. Same goes for sorting by part description
Added the ability to create a new Quote or Invoice using the new Configurator. Click the lower-half of the "Create New Quote" or "Create New Invoice" menu and choose to start a new quote or invoice using the configurator. In the Configurator, you choose the configuration, and the quantity of config's that you want. The Configurator will step you through the Part Categories and/or individual parts that are required for the configuration. This is done via "Next, Back" buttons and a listing showing the required categories or parts. When finished, a Validate Button can be clicked to validate the configuration. When validating, the system will look at the "Require for Valid Config" rule, and all part rules that have the 'valid config' box checked. If you want to validate after you've already closed the config window, you can pull up an existing quote that you created with the configurator, click the lower half of the 'create new quote' or invoice menu, then choose to "Append to Current Quote/Invoice using the Configurator", which will allow you to review the quote's config. requirements and/or validate the quote or invoice again.

If you use the new Price Levels feature in the Parts screen, quoting, invoicing and jobs will now look at the additional pricing columns based on quantity. As you update the quantity, the sales and/or cost prices will be updated if a part is setup for quantity pricing breaks. It no quantity breaks are entered for a part (additional pricing columns left as defaults), then the base price will be used. If you are using the new pricing columns as cost prices, then your global markup/margin options will be used on the new cost columns, and your costs prices will update for each line.

When using the Excel-based Quote w/pictures, if the part had a large amount of text in the specs field, and a part picture, the row height in excel would not grow. This has been fixed.

Improved the <Ctrl>H Toggle used to hide Cost and Profit columns when a customer is looking at your screen. Pressing <Ctrl>H will now immediately hide the information without the need of closing / re-opening the Quotes or Invoices screens as in v6. This can now be done due to a minor screen re-design.

If you have the "Prompt for Quantity" toggle engaged, you will now be prompted for the quantity when you add items directly to a new blank line on a quote, invoice or job.

6.90 - Apr-24-2009

New Feature: If you are showing the Alternate Extended Price on the standard Quote or Invoice layout, the Price field will now show the selling / unit price using the alternate currency symbol and conversion rate, instead of showing your regional currency amount. If you don't want to show the regional amounts at all, you can edit the standard or alternate quote / invoice layouts under the preview quote or invoice menu, then click on the regional currency fields, and choose 'hide selected item'. You can still toggle between the alternate currency format layout and regional (main) layout using the <Ctrl>O toggle.

Invoice Screen: If you record multiple payments on one invoice, the invoice form will now show more detail in the payment line. For example, if 2 check numbers are used to pay the entire invoice, both check #'s will show in the payment line.

In the Quote w/Pictures form, the system will now look at the font name and color changes from your standard quote layout settings.

Enhancement in the Quote w/Pictures form: If a part does not have a picture, the line will now shrink to take up less space on the quote. Parts with pictures will continue to show at the normal height.

Quote/Invoice screen: When using the double-click feature in the price field to change the markup/margin of a single line-item, the system will now suggest the last % amount used.

Bug Fix: When creating an Excel based quote or invoice, the part description field was truncating at 255 characters if you were using part specs, and garbage characters would occur after the 255th character. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: When using the e-mail window, fixed the error message that could occur saying that the customer store folder does not exist even when it does.

Fixed "Customer Call Log Detail" report so that the call log and result log notes will grow properly to contain large amounts of text.

Purchase Agreement from Quotes screen fix: Fixed quote notes field so that it can grow to hold large amounts of text.

Purchase order internal receiving form: If line-item internal notes are not used, the part description will now grow to 2 lines. This allows more of the part description to show. If there are internal line item notes for a part, the printout will continue to show as in past versions.

Bug Fix: When using components, fixed the main component's extended price. After adding sub-components and closing the components window, you had to click away from the main line in order to see the updated extended price.

When adding a new Supplier with the Parts screen opened, the parts screen Supplier dropdown will be refreshed.


6.80 - Jan-21-2009

The Vendor Part # field has been increased to 80 characters. Additionally, made programming changes to make it possible to have memo/unlimited text in the part description field, however, this will be by request only, and will entail sending your database to us so that we can change the field. A fee to do this will be charged, reply to this e-mail if interested.

2 New Reports: "Quotes by Quote Status grouped by Business Source". One report shows all quotes, and one shows only quotes that have not been ordered into an invoice. These reports show a summary ranking at the top for Business source, and both reports can be filtered for a particular quote status, thus allowing you to analyze your marketing efforts. Note: Business Source can be set by customer in the Customer Screen, Customer Options button for each customer.

Added Save button's to the Service and Service Work Needed screens. This will visually show when data has been entered and not yet saved. If the save button becomes enabled, data has been entered and not yet saved. After saving, the button will grey out. Similar behavior has been added to the Customer and Supplier screens so you can visually see when data needs saving.

New Feature: When creating a quote revision (lower half of the Create New Quote button, Begin a New Revision..), the system will now place the original quote # in the quote title field (unless it is already a revision). Then if you create another revision for a revised quote, you will still see the original quote number.

When using the “Format the address above for label printing…” button in the customers screen, the customer reference # will no longer be copied to the clipboard.

Added "Assigned To" to the Job Agreement form on the Service screen.

Fix: The report: Quotes by Quote Status (All Quotes) was not showing the quote status criteria selection / filter.

Fixed Job Task Form. Previously, it was hard-coded to be saved as an A4 paper size (For A4 paper size user's, the system will set to A4 automatically, this was only a problem for Letter size user's).

Bug Fix: When clicking the "Delete Lines" button on the Quotes screen, fixed the error "Enter Parameter Value: SortID".

Fixed problem with the past due mailing screen "One or more e-mail addresses have not been filled in..". This occurred if an e-mail address was blank Even if the E-mail Y/N field was not checked.

Bug Fix: When quoting only labor items, an error would result: "11 – Division by zero MiscFunctions, CalculateTotal". This has been fixed.

Misc. Bug Fixes.

6.70 - Dec-16-2008

New 'Adjust Profit' enhancments for individual part items. In the Quote and Invoice screens, if you click in the Sales Price field of a part line-item, you will see the markup or margin for that part in the lower left in the blue system messages striped area (provided that you are not hiding cost prices). You can now adjust the profit for a single part by double-clicking in the Price field for that part. This will also work in the components window (if you are using the components feature).

Added the ability to generate an excel-based quote with individual part pictures!! 3 new merge fields are now available on the excel-based quote, one that will insert the new [PartPicture] merge field into any of your existing quote templates: 1) [PartPicture] - Insert's the part line's picture, if present, for a particular part, 2) [CustomerPhone] - Places the customer's main phone # in your sheet, 3) [CustomerFax] - places the customer's fax number in the sheet. Finally, the install will install a new quote template xls that contains the proper layout with part pictures. The new file, Quote_Template_PartPictures.xls, will install into the \Templates\ folder under the Instant Quote Pro installation folder. If you want to have your excel based quotes include the new picture, you can set the quote layout to the new file (or edit your existing quote template.xls). To set to the new quote template, Click the Edit Excel Based Quote/Invoice/PO Layout under the preview Quote menu, then in the "Default Template and Directory", choose the new quote_template_PartPictures.xls file.

New Job Setup Option in the Service Screen, Setup / Screen Labels menu button: 'When creating an Invoice from a Job, mark Job as Complete (fills in Job Completed Date w/ today's date). By default, this setting will be set to Checked.

New Feature: When updating the quote Status, a new Quote Status Date updated field will be set. You can see the date the quote status was updated by hovering over the Quote Status selection in the quotes screen, or on the Quotes by Quote Status report. Additionally, In the customizable Quote Status setup screen, you can now set additional automatic update options for changing the quote status automatically when the following events occur: 1) Order Quote to Invoice, 2) Order Quote to PO, 3) Create Job from Quote, 4) Invoice Marked completed / delivered and 5) Job Completed. For 4 and 5, if a quote is associated with the invoice or job, and the invoice or job status changes, you can set the status to auto-update the quote to.

When e-mailing Quotes or Invoices, your Company Name will now be placed in front of the invoice or quote # in the e-mail Subject Line. If you do not wish to show your company in the subject line: click the 'Footer/From Setup' tab in the E-mail window, and un-check the 'Show your Company Name..' box.

4 New Security Setup Options for those who have Security / Logging in Turned on. In the Security Setup screen, for each user, you can now:

1) Prevent Quote Screen Access by user.
2) Prevent a Locked Quote from being Unlocked by user.
3) Prevent Instant Billing Add-in Access (now separate from Lock out Payments screen) by user.
4) Prevent the Mass E-mail utility from being used by user.

New option in the Setup Options screen, under the 'Optional Features' section, Added an option: 'Enable updating of Discount % for quotes that are Locked'. This can be used in conjunction with the new security setup option regarding locked quotes, and is in response to user requests for a way to only allow the discount % field to be updated by sales people for locked quotes.

Added many new fields to the parts.xls importing template, as well as the Parts screen, import facility. You can now import: Part Picture Location, PDF Location, Internal part notes, NetWeight (and Net Ounces for non-metric), and default labor hours. As with other fields, if you don't use these, you can leave them blank when importing parts.

Enhancements to the Import / Export Parts window. When you use the "Export Active Parts formatted for Parts screen import" (under the export parts menu in the Parts Screen), the system will now include the sub-category, as well as the new import fields listed above. You can now easily export this Active parts list, then import into a different database. This is very useful for those who wish to sync up the parts from one database to another. Additionally, the system will now show the number of records as well as the current record in the 'system meter' area while parts are being added or updated.

If you use Reference Numbers on the quote/invoice screen, you can now manually re-order the reference numbers on the screen Without the screen refreshing / going to the top line-item. After manual changes to the RefNo column in the quote/invoice screens, you will see a message in the bottom status bar that tells you to double-click in the refNo field to refresh the screen's order.

For those who have disabled the showing of the "Tax Exempt" boxes on the quote/invoice screens, a label will now show on a quote or invoice if it was previously marked as "exempt". This will visually show the sales person that the customer is tax exempt.


The Sales Person will now show on the Internal Quote Form.

The Report: Invoices with On-Order Status will now support a date range, but will default to an all-encompassing date range.

New Report: Invoices with Delivered Status (Reports Screen, Invoices tab). This will show all invoices that have a delivered status in the date range entered.

Report: Parts not Received on Purchase Orders: This report now supports an additional criteria box: P/O Sent, which ties to the 'P/O Sent to Supplier?' checkbox on the Purchase Screen. You can choose "All", Sent or Not sent.

Report: Parts Not Received on Purchase Orders, will now show the p/o description and the p/o date fields. The quantity and quantity received (if you have this option turned on) will now show as one field: qty unrec'd.

Bug Fixes
Fixes to the External Parts Database Browser screen. If you were not using Ingram Micro, an error would occur: "c:\EPG\EPG.MDB is not a valid path". Additionally, the Search Text and form Filters were not working properly.

Fixes to the Lock Quote feature. Previously, if you were updating certain fields on the quote screen for a locked quote, the new value would display (even though it was not saved). Additionally, errors could result in the line-items section when trying to update locked quotes. Finally, fixed issues with locked quotes actually allowing edits in the sub-components popup window.

Fixed "Hide Cost" toggle, <Ctrl><H>. If you were ordering a quote and have <Ctrl><H> engaged to hide cost/profit, the profit was showing on the invoice screen after ordering a quote. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: If you have Quotes open and then use Job Tracking, whenever you change customer in Job Tracking the focus was changing to Quotes.

Added 'file exist' checking for checking the existence of critical database files on startup as well as the existence of pdf documents for e-mailing, customer store folders, etc.

6.61 - Nov-13-2008

Bug Fix: Fixes to the sorting on the Quote/Invoice/PO screens. Particularly if you are using the master sort option by order added (RefNo). The quote/invoice screens were not always sorting by RefNo, this has been fixed.

Bug Fix: Fixes to the code that detects new versions and upgrades your database. Many users reported having problems with the new fields that were added to the quote/invoice layouts for v6.6. In the quote screen, in particular, some users reported that the new fields were all visible and could not be hidden. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: When using components, the Quote form would print a section w/ many components properly, but the Invoice was set to "keep items together" in the detail, thus resulting in blank sections. The Invoice form is now set identical to the Quote, where the blank space will not occur.

Bug Fix: When updating / receiving items in the Purchase Screen, the P/O Status in the P/O Dropdown was not refreshing with the changes PO Status.

Bug Fix: When pressing <Enter> in the P/O Screen, UPC field, the system will now go to a new line and set focus to the UPC field.

Bug Fix: When previewing Payments or Invoices on the Payments screen, if the report had no line-items (no invoice lines, etc.), the system would become unresponsive. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: When creating an RMA from an Invoice Serial Number entry on the Invoices screen, the system will no longer prompt for Supplier.

Bug Fix: When previewing the Specs report on the Quotes screen, the system will now show the appropriate Quote #, rather than the Invoice # that the report was showing.

Bug Fix: Fixes to code that opens the spreadsheet template setup window if a default template was not set (message would loop).

6.60 - Oct-30-2008

New Features / Program Changes

The program will now properly compact / optimize the program file upon existing IQ Pro automatically IF the program file size has exceeded a set size (40MB). Eliminated the startup message regarding the program size being too large, etc.

For those using the Components feature, the extended amount on the main component line for the Quote and Invoice screens will now reflect the sum of the sub-component prices.

New Feature: On the Quote screen, when you click the "Refresh Pricing" exclamation button, a new options screen will open allowing you to choose from 1 of 3 refresh options: 1) Normal (Old behavior when refresh was pressed: refresh cost and sales prices from the parts screen and customer options), 2) Recalculate sales prices only based on part costs entered in the quote, and any margin/markup/customer options and 3) Refresh Quote Part Costs only from the Parts screen.

New Feature: Added "Refresh Pricing" button to the Invoice Screen, with the new options described above.

New Feature: Added "Adjust Profit %" option screen. Now when you click Adjust Profit on either the Quote or Invoice screens, a new options screen will open giving you 2 options on how to apply the new profit %: 1) Adjust sales prices to the new % ONLY for parts that are based on margin (based on margin checked for the part in the Parts screen) and 2) Adjust sales prices to the new % for ALL parts on the quote or invoice, as long as they have a cost entered. Bug Fix: Previously the adjust profit was only using a markup based calculation. The system will now look at your Setup, Financial settings option for markup or margin calculation.

Increased Field Sizes for all phone number fields that were previously only allowing 15 characters. They will now allow up to 20 characters, with the exception of additional contacts, Phone, which will be increased to 25 to allow for a phone extension. Additionally, for the main Customer E-mail address and Supplier e-mail address, the 50 character limit has been increased to 255. This will allow users to put more than one address in the e-mail field, separated by a ';'. Such as: E-mail:;, etc.

New Feature: When you order a Quote or Create an Invoice from a Job, if you have selected an Alternate Contact for the Quote or Job, you will be prompted to choose whether the contact address should be used as the "Bill/Ship To" address for the invoice or just the "Ship To" address (using the main customer address as the billing).

External Parts Browser changes. If you don't use Tech Data or Synnex, but want to import your own data into one of the external parts tables (TD.accdb: PartsTD and PartsSynnex tables), you can now do so by disabling the "UseTD" check box in the setup screen button, combined options tab located in the External Parts screen. Additional Changes: For Citrix Server and/or Terminal Services users, you can now set an option that directs Instant Quote Pro to use the external parts browser database (TD.accdb) in the back-end database folder rather than the local program folder. This setting is in the External Parts screen, setup button, Combined options tab.

Customize Quote & Invoice Layout Additions

1) Added a host of new detail / repeating fields to the Customize Standard Quote and Invoice Layouts screen: Manufacturer, Manuf. Part #, UPC, Line Discount % (number only) and Sales Price after discount (unit discounted price).
2) Fixed color buttons for foreground/background to function properly.
3) Added new "Copy Props" button that will prompt you through quickly copying the font/color/fontsize, etc. From one field to another.
4) Added new details fields to the "Quickly Add a Group of Related Fields" dropdown. Using this will add both the new detail field you select, as well as the page header label for that field.
5) Bug Fix: In the Customize Invoice Layout screen, a bug existed that prevented the hiding of detail fields.
6) Finally, for those who want to show a straight discount % number, rather than the "Discount = x%" text, if you choose the discount % in the "Quickly add a group..", it will automatically hide the Old-style "Discount = x%" text.

Spell-checker enhancements: 1) Spell-check support is now available for rich text fields. 2) Spell-checker will now ignore website addresses (starting with http: or www.) 3) Once a misspelled word is hit, fixed the refreshing of the screen after continuing to check spelling. 4) If word begins with a number, such as 85MB, it will now be ignored.

New Feature: Added new Delete Quote Line-Items popup screen. To use, click the new "Delete Lines" button in the Quotes screen menu area. For those who have quotes with many line-items, and frequently need to delete many lines at once, the old method would refresh the screen after each delete, taking additional time. This new screen will allow you to quickly mark the lines you wish to delete, then the 'Delete' button will delete all lines at once. If you use the sub-components feature, this will allow you to quickly delete entire kits, as deleting a main component will delete ALL sub-components as well (you'll see a warning if you select a component line).

Fixes to the Mass Update Parts screen. If you were using the update buttons to automatically check all parts updated before a certain date, and had a category filtered, it would clear the filter and check ALL parts for updating. This would also happen with the option to mark all with on-hand = zero. This has been fixed. Additionally, You may now use both the 3 form filters AND the small down-arrow column heading filters, however, you must use one of the 3 form filters (category, supplier, active / inactive) FIRST, then use any column heading filters.

Re-adjusted the columns in the Sub-Components window so that you would not need to scroll over to see the prices.

If you have large database mode on, and receive the selection box for duplicate part, upc numbers, the form will now show the part cost, rather than sales price, as well as the manuf. Part #.

New Reports and Report Changes

New Report: Parts Sold by Category w/Profit & Notes. Available on the Reports screen, Parts Lists tab. This will show ALL parts sold and group by part category (similar to the Sales Report by Quantity Sold), however, rather than summing quantities of a part, it will show all parts line-items sold, with the option of displaying the line-item part notes. Included is profit / extended / cost totals by category and for the entire report.

New Report: Sales Ranking By Customer Profit and Sales Ranking By Customer Profit %. Both available form the Reports Screen, Invoice Tab. These will show the profit and profit % by customer. Additionally, added profit and profit % to the Sales Ranking by Customer report.

New Report: Job Orders by Customer w/Invoice Total & Paid. This is in the Reports screen, Service/Jobs tab. Supports date range entry, customer filter. This will show ALL jobs, grouped by customer, in the date range entered. Will also show the Invoice #, Customer P/O, Invoice Total, and Paid Total, if an invoice was created for the job.

New Report: "All Job Orders Not Billed". Similar to the Completed Job Orders Not Billed, however, this will show ALL jobs, regardless of completed date, where the "Billed?" switch is NOT checked.

New Report: "Billed Job Orders Not Complete". The opposite of the Completed Job Orders not Billed report. This will show all jobs where the "Billed?" switch IS checked, where the completed date is blank.

Report: Outstanding Balances and Outstanding Balances - Delivered Invoices Only will now have an *Optional* date range entry. Leave dates blank to see all outstanding accounts data, or to have a report showing balances as of a certain date, pick a very early from date (such as 1/1/1990) that will include all data, and the end date ("as of") that you need.

Report: Quotes by Quote Status now has 2 reports: Quotes by Quote Status (All Quotes), and Quotes by Quote Status (Quotes Not Ordered Only).

Added "Invoice #" to most Job related reports.

System Specs Form from the Invoice screen will now include the part picture, if present.

When using the Quote with Pictures form, the form will now look at the standard quote layout for label text and hidden status of the fields. Therefore, hiding a field on the standard layout will now hide the fields on the quote w/ pictures form.

Added the new P/O Description field to the P/O Summary Reports and the internal P/O Form. Due to the fact that many user's use the p/o description for in-house means of identifying p/o's, this will not show on the Purchase Order form that is sent to Suppliers.

The Customer History Report in the Reports screen, Customers tab, will now correctly show a Grand Totals page at the end of the report IF the report is not filtered for a customer.

Report: Unpaid Purchase Orders: This report will now show sub-totals within a p/o status, by Supplier.

The 2 Generic System Bid Forms will now show Manuf. Part # rather than the supplier part #.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix: In the Quotes screen, if you have discounts turned on, and a discount already entered for a line-item, then went to change the sales price, then discount was ignored for the extended price.

Bug Fix: Part Category Setup Screen. If you have part category margins turned on, and entered a new markup/margin, you would be asked if you wanted to recalc the part prices in that category, however, the system would not update prices, and would leave the hourglass on. This has been fixed. Additionally, the Markup or Margin will now show as a % on this screen, so a preceding decimal is no longer required.

Bug Fix: If you are using transaction charges, fixed the error 'Invalid Use of Null' that could occur when copying an invoice to a quote.

Bug Fix: Fixed 'enter parameter value' boxes that would appear when running the bulk letters utility.

6.50 - Aug-28-2008

Added "Setup Options" button to the main toolbar, as it was in all versions previous to version 6.0. Additionally, added "Edit Selection List Values" to the lower half of the new Setup Options button. Now you can edit selection lists without closing any screens by using the lower half of this new Setup button. Finally, from the Office button w/no screens opened, moved "Edit Selection List Values" to under the main office button, rather than buried under the Setup Options menu.

Added a new Country field to the Customer Screen, Supplier Screen, and the additional contacts screens. A table has been added to the database of all countries, allowing you to more easily select the country. Leaving the country blank will function like before when there was no country field. Filling in the country will cause the program to put the country on labels, quote, invoice, etc.

Adjusted the Import / Export screens for the Customer / Supplier screens to now support a Country field. Additionally, added country support for Importing/Exporting contacts to Outlook, and pasting in new customers from the windows clipboard. For adding new customers (Outlook, Importing or the clipboard), the program will recognize either the Country's full name, or the 2 - 3 letter ISO designation, and properly insert the correct country code from the Countries table.

Added 2 new Reports to the Reports screen to support the new Country field: Customer Tab: "Customer List by Country" and Invoice Tab: "Sales Ranking Report by Country".

Added 3 new "Save To Fields" to the Paste E-mail Definitions setup in the Customer screen: Country, Cell/Mobil #, and Website address.

Changes and Enhancements to the "Send Bulk E-mails" utility located on the Tools tab. For those using MS Outlook as the e-mail type, you can now check an option to Enable Rich / HTML Text!! Also, In the body of the e-mail, you can now use a merge field to insert the First Name of your customer by placing [FirstName] into your body text (this will default for you). E-mails pasted from the clipboard will not support the merge field [FirstName], as no first name will be available. Also Added 2 new Filtering Options: You can now use additional filtering for the new Country field, as well as a new filter for the selecting of sending bulk e-mails to customers who have been either Quoted or Invoiced for a particular part #.

Enhancement to the "E-mail Window" that opens after clicking E-mail Quote, E-mail Invoice, etc. For those using MS Outlook as the e-mail type, you can now check an option to Enable Rich / HTML Text!!

Added 2 New Fields to the Parts Importing screen: Manufacturer and Part Specs.

Added Fax #, Mobil / Cell #, and Country fields to the Additional Addresses / Contacts section on the Customers and Suppliers screens. Also added these new fields to the "Choose a Contact" / Contact Info screen.

For those using the Discount % field, you will now be prevented from entering a discount of > 100%.

Added "Validate Invoice" function, which is called any time an invoice is pulled up. This function will validate that tax has been added to an Invoice that requires it. This will catch a very rare problem that could occur where the total tax was not updated, due to an error, power outage, etc.

Added Sales Person, Tax-Exempt and Default Discount selections to the main Customer details screen. These fields will still be on the Customer Options screen, but in the event that they are the only options used, you will now be able to set the options without opening the Customer Options screen.

If you type a customer that does not exist into the Quote, Invoice, Service, Payment or Billing Records screens, you will be asked if you wish to add the customer. If you answer yes, you will be taken to the customer screen and placed into a new customer record (The "Add Customer" button will be automatically executed, so you can begin typing immediately into the company name / contact name field).

Added P/O Description to the Purchase Order screen. With this internal-use field, you can now enter short descriptions for your purchase order which will enable you to more easily find the purchase order. This new field will show in the P/O Select list, and in the 2 main Purchase Order search screens. Additionally, when creating P/O's from quotes or invoices, the quote/invoice number will now be copied to the new P/O Description field.

For those using Transaction charges option in the Setup screen, the Purchase screen will now automatically add/update the transaction charge based on the new Transax. Select field on the P/O, AND the transaction charge % for cash and non-cash settings on the Supplier Screen.

Added "Total Weight" to the Packing List form. If total weight is > 0 for an Invoice, the total weight will automatically show on the Packing List.

Added new Merge field to the Shipping Types tracking text: [CustPO#] will insert the Customer's PO number from the Invoice screen, Ship tracking section.

The system will now Automatically compact / optimize the program file upon closing Instant Quote Professional.

For those using the 2-Tax System (Canada, etc.), if you override the sales tax % and description for a Customer (Customer Options button in Customer's screen), the system will now look at this figure and apply the overridden tax rate for the 1st tax only, including override tax description. The second sales tax will not be affected.

2 New Merge Fields for the excel based Quote / Invoice template. You can now show the part's sales price before and/or after discount. The existing merge field [SalesPrice] will continue to show the part's sales price for each line-item on the excel quote or invoice. You can now add a new merge field that will show the part's unit price after the line-item discount. To show this column as well, insert a new column in your xls template, add your own label, then add: [SalesPriceDiscounted] into the repeating / detail section. If you just want the sales price to show the price with discount, edit your existing xls templates and replace: [SalesPrice] with the new merge field: [SalesPriceDiscounted]. The [ExtendedPrice] merge field will remain unaffected, and will continue to show the price after discount. You can also show the discount % by placing: [LineDiscount] in a new column in your detail / repeating area of your template.

Added coding back in from Version 5 and below that would save the widths of the major columns throughout the main screens (part description, part #, price, cost, etc.). You can now resize the columns and the setting will be saved for most columns when the screen is closed (Note: Re-arranging the order of columns is not currently possible).

When creating an Invoice from a Job, the Job Title will now copy to the Invoice Title.

The Report: Quotes by Quote Status will now show ALL quotes, regardless of whether the quote has been ordered or not.

Bug Fix: When double-clicking a Report in the Reports screen, Report select window, the Num Lock key on your keyboard would turn off. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: When adding customers and switching tabs, fixed the refreshing of the customer select dropdowns that would sometimes not reflect the newly added customer when switching to quote, invoice, service, payments, or billing.

Bug Fix: The Report, Quotes Follow Up List - Detail (by Customer) was ignoring the Part # filter, if you were trying to filter the report for a particular part.

Bug Fix: On the Add Part Browser screen, if you click the Remove Filter 'X' button at the bottom, your "Sort By" preference was being lost. Additionally, if you are adding from the Purchase screen, the screen was not remembering your "Filter = On" or "Filter = Off" setting when adding parts or clearing the filter. Finally, after typing text in the Search For box, system will not search until you press <Enter>.

Bug Fix: If you have Auto-Mark Invoices Delivered turned on in the Setup screen, software options tab, and the option to set the Sale/Payment or the Invoice Date = payment date, then If you entered a new payment and back-dated the payment date, the Invoice and/or Sale/Payment date on the Invoice screen would update to today's date, not the payment date. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: Increased width of numeric fields on the Sales Ranking Reports.

Misc. Bug Fixes

6.40 - Jun-6-2008

New Feature: Added a Quote with Pictures form. This is a pre-defined form that will show individual part pictures for each line-item contained on a quote. The pictures will be taken from the Parts screen / Part Information screen for each part. To use the new Quote with pictures form, simply open the Quotes screen, then select which style of Quote you wish to use under the "Preview Quote, Choose Standard Quote or Quote w/Pictures" menu option, then select the Quote w/Pictures option. After doing so, whenever you preview or e-mail a quote, the new quote format will be used.

New Feature: For the first time in a number of years, Added support for a new vendor in the External Parts Database browsing screen: Synnex!! Instructions on how to import the synnex_pricing.txt file for external parts browsing is located in the lower half of the Parts menu button, then 'External Parts Database' screen. Once in the External Parts Database screen, click the 'Setup / Import External Data / Update Options' button, then select the new Synnex tab. In the Synnex tab, you will choose a default Supplier for any added parts, and also go here periodically to import your synnex_pricing.txt file. For those new to the External Parts Database screen, this screen enables you to browse data that is NOT in Instant Quote Pro's Parts screen, thus enabling you to quickly add only the needed parts permanently to the Instant Quote Pro Parts screen.

Added "Create Outlook Task" button to the new To-Do list screen. You can now click on a to-do item, and then use the new button to create an outlook task for that to-do item.

Added "Save to Outlook Task" buttons on the Instant Reminders screen. You can now save reminders to MS Outlook.

Service Screen: Added a button to the Job Check-In menu to Save job as an Outlook task. The reminder screen will open with the job number, and the button to save as an Outlook task.

Service Detail / Work Needed Screen: This screen now has it's own ribbon-style menu. In the menu, you can now create an Outlook task for each work needed detail line by clicking within a line-item, and pressing the new button in the Work Needed menu area.

Added ribbon style menu to the To-Do List screen. Additionally, when previewing the To-Do List report, the report will now filter to match the filters you are using on the main To-Do screen.

Parts Screen: Added Picture Location to the main datasheet view. Additionally, in the 'Parts Datasheet View' filter for the Parts screen, added 'Part Picture Location Column' view.

Enhancements to the Past Due E-mailing screen. The list will now only show customers with a balance due of greater than $1, and will also look at unapplied credit payments as part of this criteria.

Added "Delete All" button to the Instant Reminders Screen, View Reminders tab.

Bug Fix: When entering Serial numbers on the Invoice screen, you will now be prevented from entering numbers that are not in the serial number's selection list IF there are numbers in the list. If there are not numbers in the available serial numbers list, the system will assume you are not using the purchase screen, and will allow entry of any number.

Bug Fix: If you order a p/o from a Quote, and are not using the p/o review screen, the Quote # was not saving to the p/o notes fields properly.

Bug Fix: If you are using "Margin" rather than "Markup" in the Setup screen, Financial Settings section, the Profit box on the Quote/Invoice screens will now show the percentage as Margin. Additionally, if you are using pricing bands, and overrode the quantity, the system was calculating the sales price as Markup even if Margin was selected. Both have been fixed.

If you have set serial numbers to print on the Invoice and Packing List forms, serial numbers were not showing if the quantity of the line item was greater than 20. This cap has been raised to 50.

Instant Reminders: If you had created reminders not associated with any customer, a bug existed where you could no longer pull up that reminder. If you had set the reminder to prompt when due, the system would continuously prompt for the reminder even though there was no way to dismiss it. The Instant Reminders screen will now correctly show ALL reminders in the 'View Reminders' and 'Completed' tab, even if they are not associated with a customer. This will allow you to correctly dismiss reminders that are prompting.

If you are using "Order added to quote/invoice" as your Master Sorting option (Setup screen, Report Options section), the system was not sorting properly if you had set the quantity to zero on a quote. Additionally, if you have labor / shipping items, and use the 'refresh reference number' function, labor/shipping items will now sort to the bottom, as they must do on the quote/invoice.

Rearranged 2 fields on the bottom of the Job Order form to move them to the header section.

Bug Fix: Fixed the "Check all with delivered status" button in the export invoices to accounts screen. It was checking ALL invoices, even if already exported.

6.30 - Apr-17-2008

Access 2007 Runtime SP-1 (service pack 1). This will enable functions that were broken in the first runtime release, such as certain right-click menu's not working, Outputting previewed reports to MS Word, e-mailing using the new Microsoft .PDF add-in, etc.

Added "Export to Excel" button in the Print Preview menu when previewing reports. This works a little differently from the similar button that was in version 5, as this will export the report's underlying data source to excel. Field columns may be different from the actual previewed report, but the data is the same.

New Feature: Added Past Due Accounts Screen. This screen can be set to automatically launch when starting Instant Quote Professional by clicking the 'Show this Screen the next time.." option within the screen. To access the Past Due Accounts screen, go to the Payments screen, and click the 'E-mail Past Due Accounts' button, or click the lower half of the Payments screen launching menu. This screen supports printing the statements, or batch e-mailing the Customer Statement w/Remittance to selected customers.

New E-mailing Feature: For those using either the EasyMail or the full MS Outlook option in the E-mailing method / SMTP setup tab, all quotes, invoices, po's, jobs and rma's will now attach with the appropriate number as part of the file name (including e-mails sent in the batch print process of the Instant Billing add-in). For example, attaching a pdf for Invoice #123, will now attach the file: Invoice-123.pdf. For those using the default MAPI handler Outlook Express or Windows mail, the attaching of the file is handled by the system, and there is no method for setting the file name.

Enabled "Export to Word" button in the Print Preview menu (menu available only when previewing a report or form).

Added new search facility for searching the Customer Call Log. This is available from the Search menu on the Customer screen, or Main Instant Quote Menu on the Customers button.

Service Screen: The Job Completed date will now highlight in yellow and change to bold when the date is not yet filled in, thus making it easier to see uncompleted jobs at a glance. Additionally, the "Search Jobs" screen will default to searching open jobs only (job completed date left blank), but can be set to search closed or all jobs.

Reports Screen, Added new Report: "Job Orders by Job Status w/System Specs". This is identical to the Job Orders by Job Status report, however it adds the system / specs and Item Checked in fields.

Parts Screen, Mass Update: If you use the column down arrow filters, these will no longer be ignored when using the "Check All" or "Uncheck All" in filter buttons.

Enhancements to Send Bulk E-mail Wizard. You can now check a box to import e-mails from the 'additional contacts' section of the Customer screen. Additionally, fixed error when filtering by sales person, customer type that would prompt for parameter value.

In the Invoice Screen, 'Export Invoices for Accounts Export', the line detail for part numbers was using an internal ID for the part. The system will now use the Internal part number unless your "parts datasheet view" in the setup screen, optional features tab is set to only show the Supplier Part number. In this case, the supplier number will be used for the part number.

Bug Fix: In the Parts screen, Import function, a bug existed where, if you had leading spaces in either the supplier part # or part description, the program would search either field without the leading space, yet save the part with the leading space, thus making finding matching parts for updating impossible.

The 'Add Parts Browser' will now correctly remember the "Sort By" setting, and apply the sorting the next time the browser is opened.

The Import Quotes screen, located on the More Quote Commands menu, will now correctly use the Quote Number that you used off-site, provided that the quote number is not already in use in the main/target database. Previously, even though the screen said it would use your number if not in use, it was always using new quote numbers (even if they were not in use).

For those NOT using Inventory Control (no on-hand tracking), previously the system would allow you to change a part number on an existing Invoice line, but would not update the part description, cost and sales price. These columns will now be updated. If Inventory Control is in use, the system will continue preventing you from changing part numbers.

If using Reference Numbers, when you pull up a different invoice, the next default reference number will set properly.

If you have the Credit Limit feature turned on in Setup, Optional Features, fixed error that would result if the credit limit field was left blank in the customer options screen.

Fixed "#Error" showing on the Reports Screen, Customer Statement report underneath the customer address.

2-Tax System: Fixed the Purchase Order screen and p/o form to show both taxes in the one available tax box.

6.20 - Mar-5-2008

Added 2 New Functions to the Customers and Suppliers screen. You can now use the 2 new buttons in the Customer and/or Supplier ribbon menu area to either 1) Save the current customer/supplier to MS Outlook, or 2) Add new customers/suppliers from MS Outlook Contacts. For most users with Outlook 2003 or above, you can save to an outlook contact.

Added 5 New Label Formats, including 4 Dymo Label Formats, to the "Print Labels" button on the Customer screen, Parts screen, and Purchase screen, Serial Number Entry form: Avery 5162 (1 1/3" X 4, 2 across), Dymo continuous label 30252 (1-1/8" x 3-1/2", 28mm x 89mm), Dymo 11354 (57mm x 32mm), Dymo 30573 Shipping Labels (2 1/8" x 4", 54mm x 102mm), and finally Dymo 30578 Return Address Labels (3/4" X 2", 19mm x 51mm). When printing the Dymo labels, Instant Quote Pro will automatically switch to any printer in the windows control panel containing the word "Dymo", then switch back to your default printer when finished.

Paper Size Fixes: Changed Printing process when clicking the Quick Print buttons to ensure that if you have A4 selected as your paper size, the program will change the paper size setting prior to printing directly to the printer. The change will cause you to briefly see the report when printing directly.

Added "Quick Print" button to the Purchase Order Screen top menu area.

Instant Billing Add-In: Added 3 New billing frequencies: Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Tri-Annual. For weekly billing, the system will take the monthly amount for a charge and divide by 4 (bi-weekly will divide by 2). For example, if you set the monthly amount of a charge to $40, a weekly billing frequency will set the charge to $10. Tri-Annual will take the monthly amount column and multiply by 4.

Instant Billing Add-In: Added "Billing Frequency" selection to the "Copy Billing Record" wizard. You can now set / override the billing frequency when copying billing records to multiple customers.

Added new Full screen search facility: "Search All Serial Numbers Purchased / Sold (Inventory)". This is located on the Serial Numbers menu on the Invoice screen, and the Serial Numbers / Locations menu on the Purchase screen, or from the Invoices and Purchases main dropdown menu. This screen will show all serial numbers purchased, and all invoices, with sold price, for Serial numbers that have been sold. Info will also include the details from the purchase order. For those who pay a % for only items sold, this will allow you to search the serial number's sold data and/or copy to Excel for paying Suppliers. Note: Assumption is that any given Part Number on an Invoice would NOT have different sold prices, or this will not function properly. Default sorting is to have all available serial numbers sort first, then those that have been sold on Invoices.

Improved the Serial Number Entry process in the purchase order screen. The system will now prevent duplicate serial numbers from being entered where the Supplier and Serial Number are duplicated.

The Reports: "Sales by Part Category Account Number - Any Status" and "Delivered Status" now has the Customer filter enabled. You can leave blank for all data (as previously), or choose a Customer to filter the report.

The Report: "Purchases by Part Category Account Number" now has the supplier filter enabled. You can leave blank for all data (as previously), or choose a supplier to filter the report.

Bug Fix: Fixed Refresh buttons on all search screens. If you switch tabs to make changes to the underlying data, then switch back to a search screen, the refresh will now function by refreshing the data displayed.

Bug Fix: Job Workcard was showing a hard-coded "VAT Reg #" at the bottom, this has been removed.

Bug Fix: If using company name text instead of a company logo, the customer's company name was printing on the top of the job forms, this has been fixed to show your company name.

Bug Fix: If you e-mailed a purchase order in a format that should support a logo, a text logo was shown instead. This has been fixed.

6.15 Fixes - 1/31/2008

Opened up the E-mail Button on the Reports screen so that any report can be e-mailed. It will now function regardless of whether the Customer or Supplier filter is enabled, and regardless of whether or not you choose a customer or supplier. This allows network users to e-mail reports to corporate / main offices, etc.

Added sub-totaling on the Quotes by Quote Status Report.

For Serial Number entry records, the system will now warn when deleting line items or decreasing the quantity (on Invoices and Purchases) IF serial numbers have been entered for the part. The message will instruct the user to delete the unwanted serial entry record manually (Previously, the system would remove the serial entry record even if it had a serial number entered).

When attempting to delete a serial number on the Purchase side, you will be prevented from doing so if the Serial Number is in use on an Invoice serial record.

For the "Add Labor" and "Add Shipping" functions on the Quote / Invoice screens, updating an existing labor or shipping charge would not immediately refresh the line-item unless you clicked in the line-item field.

In Customer screen, clicking Save was not refreshing the customer select dropdown lists.

In the Instant Billing module, you will now be warned when trying to update the Next Invoice From Date, as this is set by the batch billing process.

6.10 Fixes - 1/20/2008

Added integrated help file. Many popup screens will now have a help button. Additionally, pressing <F1> on the main screens, as well as most popup screens, will open context-sensitive help. The help file is now compatible with Windows Vista (previously, the help was a .HLP file, which was no longer supported by Windows Vista).

Added the State / Prov. Field to the company selection in the "Choose a Customer" area.

Added "Internal Quote Notes" field to the 4 Quotes Follow Up List Reports. However, for the 2 Quotes Follow-up Detail reports, the internal quote notes will ONLY show if you do not filter the report for 1 customer. So if you leave the customer criteria blank, it will show the internal notes, if you choose a customer, it will not show the internal-use notes (assuming that you are sending this to the customer).

Parts Screen, Export Menu. Added a checkbox "Export On-Hand Amounts" to the Export Parts for Shopping Cart Import. To add an on-hand column to the exported xls file, check the box in the export window.

Fixed "Components" screen. Previously, if you had multiple line-items on the main screen, and were adding components, the main screen would reset to the last line, which would cause the next component added to go to not show in the current component window.

Fixed "Add/Update job status button on the Service screen.

Fixed E-mail button on the RMA screen. It was not correctly attaching the RMA form.

Fixed problem: If you had an invoice selected, then opened the customer screen, then clicked back to invoice, and attempted to delete the invoice, a syntax error would result.

When using large parts database mode, if you enter a part number on a blank quote or invoice line, that has more than one supplier, a part chooser would open prompting you to click the correct part. Doing so would give a message that the data could not be saved. This has been fixed.

Fixed extra formatting characters that would appear on quote intro / footer text, such as <div>, etc. However, you may need to manually go in after this update and fix the notes directly on each quote by removing the extra formatting characters manually in the notes screen. Same goes for the default intro / footer text in the employee / sales name table. After this update, check for any formatting characters there and delete out the extra text if found.

If dividing line is in use on the previewed invoice, it was displaying after any components or line-notes, unlike the quote dividing line. This has been fixed.

Instant Quote Professional Version 6, for MS Office Access 2007®

General Program Changes

Instant Quote Professional will now use the very latest technology, using Office Access 2007 as the front-end database program, and back-end database. Instant Quote Pro will now be fully compatible with Windows Vista.

All Main screens have been completely redesigned to be fully self-contained. In previous versions, you could only open one main screen at a time. Now you can have many Main screens open at once, and easily switch screens using the tabbed interface at the top. If you have too many screens open, and wish to close them all quickly, click the Tools tab at the top, and select the "Close all Open Tabs" button.

All Main screens have new "ribbon-style" menus at the top. This will make finding common tasks for each screen very easy. Instant Search has been replaced by a dedicated search screen for each area of interest. These new, full screen, search facilities are now accessible via search selections on the lower half of screen selection buttons on the main program menu, and on each main screen's menu.

All fonts have been updated to use more modern windows fonts. Datasheets are clearer, and use a light color, alternating row background, enabling the rows to easily stand out from one another.

The E-mailing window has new additions in the Output Format selection list: Access 2007 .PDF Add-In, and Access 2007 .XPS (XML Paper Specification). The .PDF output format retains all logos, formatting, etc., when e-mailing a document. The new Microsoft .PDF add-in is far superior to using your own .PDF writer. We recommend you switch to this. If you select the Access 2007 .PDF as your output format, the first time you send, the system will prompt you to download the add-in. Simply install the add-in, and re-start Instant Quote Pro, and you're set! Outlook Express and the new Windows Mail that replaces Express in Windows Vista will support the new Access 2007 .PDF! This will solve all issues with e-mail quotes using Outlook Express, as all logo's, formatting, etc., will be retained if you use the Access 2007 .PDF.

All Reports will have a new menu bar that will support the Access 2007 .PDF add-in mentioned above.

In previous versions, the back-end database did not have relationships / referential integrity enforced. Now all data has rules for enforcing referential integrity (for example, you cannot delete a Purchase Order that has a payment attached, etc.). Additional table-based rules will prohibit null/blank entries where a number should be, or entries of zero where a CustomerID should be, etc. These rules will keep your database at a high level of integrity at all times.

When you click in ALL date fields throughout the program, a small button will become visible for date picking. This button will be immediately to the right of the date field.

Most commands under the old File menu have now been placed under the top-left, round Office button. You can now easily compact your program file under this menu. Over time, as you run many reports, functions, etc., the program file will grow in size. You should use the compact and repair at least weekly.

For those who use multiple databases, a new option for managing your database list can be found in the top left Office button, Open Instant Quote Database, Add / Manage Database List. By adding your database locations in this list, they will then appear in the "Open Instant Quote Database" menu, thus eliminating the need to browse for the correct database each time you wish to open one.

The old File, Backup screen has been eliminated. Now when you click the top-left Office button, and select "Backup Instant Quote Pro Database", you will simply be prompted with the save dialog. The path will be remembered, and the file name will default to the day of the week. The option for Disabling automated backups has moved to the top-left Office button, Setup Options, Setup Options (Local PC Only).

Added the ability to change the password for a user in the Security Setup screen. (Security setup has moved to the top-left Office button, Setup Options, Security Setup.

The "What's New in Instant Quote Pro" screen has been moved to the main program ribbon area. Notice in the line that says "What do you want to Open?", there is a small diagonal arrow box in the lower right. Clicking this will access the screen.

The "About Instant Quote Pro" screen has been moved to the main program ribbon area. Notice in the line that says "Exit" with the "Exit Instant Quote Pro" button, there is a small diagonal rrow box in the lower right. Clicking this will access the screen.

The table of information that stores Customers has been split into 2 tables. All of the large notes fields, and other larger fields have moved to the new table. This should speed access to screens requiring customer information.

The table of information that stores Parts has been split into 2 tables. Most of the large notes fields, and other larger fields have moved to the new table. This should greatly improve the speed of access to screens requiring basic parts information.

Changes in the way the font / color dialogs are referenced will eliminate the "Active X" errors on startup that could occur with the older version of Instant Quote Pro.

Instant Billing Add-In

All screens and reports from the Instant Billing Add-In are now part of the main program file. A Product Key for Instant Billing will still need to be purchased to un-lock all features, however, now you can test the features without purchasing a key. You can setup billing records for recurring charges, and go through the batch billing process. However, in trial mode, you can preview the invoices that would be created, but not actually create the invoices.

Instant Billing now supports the new Access 2007 .PDF Add-In, thus allowing you to e-mail a batch of invoices in .PDF format. If you are currently using your own .PDF driver in the e-mailing window, you will need to change to the Microsoft .PDF Add-In, as using your own .PDF creator will not be supported for batch billing. The reason for this is the timing of the creation of .PDF's in external .PDF writers, and due to the fact that some external .pdf creators will open each .PDF as it is created, which, by nature, does not support a batch process.

In the main program Menu, a split menu button will be visible for the Instant Billing Add-In. Click the top half to launch the main Instant Billing (Customer Recurring Billing) screen. Click the lower half to access 2 New Search screens: Search all Bill Records, Search Bill Record Detail Charges. You can search on any column using the text filters in the arrow button of each column heading. When searching the detail charges, a sum line at the bottom will sum the number, and amount of the charges.

If you use the Easy-Mail option for e-mailing, a new "CC to Self" option is now on available on the "Run Batch Billing" screen.

If you connect to multiple databases, the last batch info and ability to re-print a batch, prior to starting a new batch, will now be supported when switching databases (Previously, last batch info was stored in the program file).

Step 2 in the "Run Batch Billing" screen for entering payments will now have data checks for expired credit cards, missing payment information, etc.

In the "Run Batch Billing" screen, you can now select / change your e-mail options.

Customer Screen

You can now view all history items for a customer directly from the Customers screen. With a Customer selected, simply use the "Search Customers" magnifying glass button in the top customer ribbon bar. Clicking the top portion of the search split button will Search your entire customer database. Clicking the lower-half will reveal additional search options for searching your customer's quote history, Invoice history, Service history, and all Payments received.

Customer notes now supports rich text, thus allowing you to draw attention to any notes regarding the customer. For formatting rich text, highlight the text with your mouse, then drag slightly upward, and a toolbar will appear above the highlighted text.

Parts Screen / External Parts

The Parts screen will now fill the entire width of your display, thus enabling you to see more columns of data. This is particularly useful with widescreen monitors.

All commands have been moved up to the new Parts screen ribbon menu: Parts Datasheet View, View / Hide Inactive Parts, Validate, Import/Export, Mass Update parts, etc.

Added New options to the Parts Datasheet View selection: "Labor Hours Column", "PDF Location Column" and "Weight Column". So, for example, when you are working with setting the default labor hours or fixed labor rate for your parts database, you can select "Labor Hours Column" in the Parts Datasheet View selection to view only those columns of interest. The current view setting is remembered when you close the parts screen. Therefore, to resume viewing all parts, you would select "View All Parts" in the Parts Datasheet View selection.

External Parts screen has moved. Notice that the button in the menu area for Parts is now a split button. Clicking the top half will open the Parts screen. Click the lower half of the Parts screen button for access to the External Parts browser screen.

The External Parts screen is now a Full screen, thus allowing you to see much more information at once. The E-Parts screen now has it's own menu for common tasks, such as updating all matching parts, adding the current part, etc.

Exporting Parts information is now performed directly from the Parts screen. Use the new Export parts dropdown menu in the parts ribbon for exporting parts, or click the dropdown on the export button to select what information you wish to export from the choices given.

Common tools that were not clearly visible in previous versions, are now directly in the parts screen ribbon menu: Part Labels, Part Information Screen, and an option to Clone a Part. To use any of these tools, simply click a part in the datasheet section (this will select the part), and then click any of the three buttons in the menu.

Searching has changed. There is now built in searching for each column of data. For example, notice the column heading "Item Description". On the far right of the column heading, there is a small down arrow, triangle shape. Clicking this will open up a selection of searching and filtering options. To search for a description containing "512MB DDR", for example, you would click the down arrow in the Item Description heading, then move your mouse pointer to "Text Filters", then over to "Contains". Simply type in the search phrase, and the list of parts will filter to only those containing the entered text. To remove the filter, click the down arrow again, and choose "Clear .. Filter".

The Part Category maintenance screen (Click Add/Edit Part Categories in the new Parts screen ribbon menu) now takes up the entire screen, thus allowing you to see much more information. Again, for those with widescreens, this can be very helpful.

Quotes Screen

New Feature: You can now add a calculated labor charge to a quote using the new "Labor / Shipping Charges" dropdown menu in the new Quotes screen ribbon menu. You can assign the number of hours each part takes in the Parts screen, or a flat labor charge per part. Then, when you use the function to add labor charges, the sum of labor charges for all parts contained on your quote will be displayed. By selecting a part to be used for hourly and flat rate labor, the labor part(s) can be automatically added to your quote. The "Add Labor" screen will add the labor parts, and set the quantity = total hours (for an hourly labor charge), and will set the total sales price for a fixed rate labor charge. Should you need to change or update the parts or quantities, simply return to the Labor Charge screen and click the button to update any existing labor charges.

New Feature: You can now add a total calculated shipping charge with just a few mouse clicks! To setup this feature, you will need to enter part weights in the Parts screen. Once part weights are set, you will need to define shipping rates for your various shipping types (providers). To quickly do this, click the new "Labor / Shipping Charges" dropdown menu, and click "Edit Shipping Rates". The Shipping types screen will open, where you will find a new option for editing the shipping rates for each provider. Once shipping rates are set (use the actual rates you are charged, as this will be your cost basis) , return to the "Add / Update Shipping Charge" screen, and the total weight of all parts contained on the quote will display. By selecting the provider, and the provider's delivery service to calculate, the system will then show the calculated shipping charge, and set the default cost price and description that will be used. A markup can be used to add a percentage to the cost. After clicking "Add/Update Shipping Charges", the shipping part will be added to your quote, and the cost will be set as your true cost. The sales price will be your cost + markup. Should your parts change, return to the shipping charge screen, and use the "Add/Update" button again to recalculate the shipping charges.

Whenever a Quote is edited, the system will automatically record a time/date stamp, as well as the machine name. Whenever you pull up a quote, you will then see the the info in the system messages area (bottom-most bar), as well as the number of line-items on the quote.

New ordering quote options: There is a new split menu button for Ordering quotes. Clicking the top half of the button in the menu will Order an Invoice. Clicking the lower half of the button will reveal the 3 ordering options: 1) Order Current Quote (Invoice) 2) Create Job Order from Quote and a new option 3) Create Purchase Order from Quote.

New easy access menu button for creating a new quote: In the Quote Ribbon Menu at the top left, clicking "Create New Quote" will begin a new quote as before. Clicking the lower half of the menu button will reveal options for creating a quote from a quote template, and creating a quote revision (a quote revision will copy the current quote to a new one, and assign a revision letter to the quote description).

New Preview Current Quote menu selection. The top half of this button will preview the current quote. Clicking the lower half of the menu will reveal additional reports that you can print, in addition to the Excel-based quote. Other options in this menu allow for the editing of the standard quote layout, and editing the excel based quote template. A New Report has been added to this list: Preview Purchase Agreement (No Pricing). This report is ideal for giving to techs who have to go out to the customer site, where you don't wish for them to have the pricing details.

Powerful "Search Quotes" menu item has been added to the Quote ribbon menu. New screens have been added to allow you to search any column for all Quotes in your system (including the new Last Updated and Updated By fields), and an option to search all Quote line-items. Finally, the search option for "Current Customer Quote History" will show all quotes for the currently selected customer. This has replaced the old "Quote History" window that was on the bottom of the quotes screen. However, you can still access this quotes history on the main quotes screen by clicking the new selection list, Customer History, underneath the Quote # selection list. When searching with any of the 3 new screens, simply double-clicking inside a search line will open the Quotes screen with the quote you selected.

Invoice Screen

New Feature's You can now add Labor and Shipping charges quickly and easily to Invoices. See the "Quotes" section above for a full description of both the labor charge screen, and shipping charge screen.

Whenever an Invoice is edited, the system will automatically record a time/date stamp, as well as the machine name. Whenever you pull up an Invoice, you will then see the info in the system messages area (bottom-most bar), as well as the number of line-items.

New split menu for creating an invoice. The top half of the menu button will simply create a new invoice. The bottom half of the menu button will reveal options for creating a new invoice from a Quote Template, and creating a purchase order from selected invoices.

Preview Current Invoice menu selection. The top half of this button will preview the selected Invoice. Clicking the lower half of the menu will reveal additional reports that you can print, such as the POS Invoice, Serial Number entry form, creating an Excel-based Invoice and a Job Sheet form. Other options in this menu allow for the editing of the standard Invoice layout, and editing the excel based Invoice template.

New Deposit Request form. You can now print a Deposit Request form that requests that a certain percentage of the invoice be paid in advance of the work or sale. To access this feature, click the lower half of the new menu option: "Make Payment". This will reveal the menu selection to "Create Invoice Deposit Request Form". A screen will open asking you for the percentage you are requesting, as well as the form letter text. This text will be saved and used for all deposit requests, as will the percentage.

New "Invoice Serial Numbers" menu button. Clicking the top half of the button will open a screen allowing you to enter serial numbers for the selected invoice. Clicking the lower half of the menu button will reveal another option for searching Serial Numbers. Clicking this option will open a new, serial number search screen, that fills your entire display. You can search on any column using the down arrow symbol in each column's heading. Double-clicking inside any item will pull up the invoice, open the serial number entry screen, and take you to the appropriate line.

New "Export Invoices" menu item in the menu bar. Clicking this button will show a menu of all export options that are available: Export Invoices for Accounts import, Export Invoices that require shipping, and exporting all invoices and payments to Excel.

Powerful "Search Invoices" menu item has been added to the Invoice ribbon menu. New screens have been added to allow you to search any column for all Invoices in your system (including the new Last Updated and Updated By fields), and an option to search all Invoice line-items. Finally, the search option for "Current Customer Invoice History" will show all invoices for the currently selected customer. This has replaced the old "Invoice History" window that was on the bottom of the invoices screen. However, you can still access the invoice history on the main screen by clicking the new selection list, Customer History, underneath the Invoice # selection list. When searching with any of the 3 new screens, double-clicking inside a search line will open the Invoice screen with the invoice you selected. You can search for text in any column using the down arrow picture inside each column heading.

The Invoice Selection dropdown list will now display the invoice status.

Service Screen

New Feature's You can now add Labor and Shipping charges quickly and easily to Job Orders. See the "Quotes" section above for a full description of both the labor charge screen, and shipping charge screen.

Whenever a Job is edited, the system will automatically record a time/date stamp, as well as the machine name. Whenever you pull up a Job Order, you will see the info in the system messages area (bottom-most bar).

Replaced the Version 5 method of clicking "Page Down" to see the work needed, with a menu button called "Work Needed / Hour Tracking". This section will now have it's own, full-screen.

Added "Job Check-In" menu option to the Job's menu that has 3 options: 1) Make Deposit Payment, 2) Create a job-check in label (which can be affixed to an item brought in for repair and 3) Print POS Job check in receipt (receipt that the customer can carry away with them). Job check-in information is now shown at the top-left of the Service Screen.

New, more powerful searching options have been added to the "Search All Jobs" menu button. Clicking the top portion of the button will search all Job Orders. Clicking the lower half of the search button will reveal additional search options: New search screen to Search Job Line-Items (parts used), New search screen for Work Needed items, and a Customer Service history, that will search all jobs for the selected customer.

If the job was created from a quote, the "View Original Quote #" will become enabled in the job menu. Clicking this will open the quotes screen to view the original quote. Likewise, if an Invoice was created from the selected job, the "View Ordered Invoice#" will become enabled in the menu area.

Supplier Screen

Added new Search Suppliers menu button in the Supplier menu ribbon at the top, including a new "Search Supplier's" screen that enables you to search on any field to find the Supplier you are looking for. Clicking the lower-half of the menu button will allow for the searching of the selected Supplier's purchase order history.

You can now import Suppliers. To import your suppliers, go to the Suppliers screen and click the "Import Suppliers" button in the top Menu. A form will open that looks similar to Excel. You will paste the data you wish to import into this "holding" import datasheet. Paste your data one column at a time, and only use the columns you require, leave un-used columns blank. Make sure the information you are pasting matches the column-heading you are pasting into. When finished, click the "Accept and Add" button. If records are found in the Supplier's table where the supplier name matches, the data will be updated. If no match is found for a Supplier Name, the record will be added.

Supplier notes now supports rich text, thus allowing you to draw attention to any notes regarding the Supplier. For formatting rich text, highlight the text with your mouse, then drag slightly upward, and a toolbar will appear above the highlighted text.

Supplier RMA Address and Additional contacts have moved to their own, full screen. To view these details, select a Supplier on the Supplier screen, then click the top left button in the menu area for "Supplier RMA Address / Additional Contacts".

Purchase Screen / RMA's

Create a New Purchase Order or Auto Purchase Orders using the new split menu button called "New Purchase Order". Clicking the top half of the button will create a new purchase order. Click the lower half for creating an Auto Purchase Order.

Whenever a Purchase Order is edited, the system will automatically record a time/date stamp, as well as the machine name. Whenever you pull up a P/O, you will then see the the info in the system messages area (bottom-most bar).

All reports and forms are now accessed using the new "Preview Purchase Order" menu button. The top half of the button will preview the selected Purchase Order. Click the lower half for additional reports, including the Excel based Purchase Order form, Internal Purchase Order, and Editing the excel based purchase order template.

Features that were hard to find are now easily seen in the main menu area, such as "Sending all Un-Ordered Items to the P/O Scratch Pad".

Entering and Searching Serial Numbers on P/O's is now much easier, with the addition of the "Serial Numbers / Locations" button. Clicking the top half of the button will display the serial number entry form for the current P/O, while clicking the lower half will reveal a Search Serial Numbers screen. This new search screen fills the entire screen, and allows searching in any column. Double-click inside a search item, and the system will pull up the P/O, Open the Serial Number entry screen, and scroll to the appropriate item.

Payments for Purchase Orders has been enhanced with a split Menu button at the top called "P/O Payments". Options for this menu button are: 1) Creating a P/O Payment for the selected Purchase (top half of button), 2) Paying ALL unpaid P/O's for the Supplier for the selected purchase and 3) Searching all purchase order payments.

Powerful "Search Purchases" menu item has been added to top menu. New screens have been added to allow you to search any column for all Purchases in your system (including the new Last Updated and Updated By fields), and an option to search all Purchase line-items. Finally, the new search option for "Supplier Purchase History" will show all Purchases for the currently selected P/O's Supplier. When searching with any of the 3 new screens, double-clicking inside a search line will open the P/O screen with the P/O you selected. You can search for text in any column using the down arrow picture inside each column heading.

RMA's has a new menu button on the Purchase Screen. The top half of the button will open a screen allowing you to "View / Add RMA's. This screen is much larger than in previous versions, thus allowing you to see more detail. The lower half of the RMA button will open a New, full screen Search facility, that allows you to search existing RMA's in any field.

In the top Menu area, you can now easily see if your Purchase Order Scratch Pad contains any items (temporary holding place for items you need to order, but don't yet wish to create a p/o).

Internal P/O Notes now support rich text.

Reports Screen

New Report: Reports screen, Purchases tab: Purchases by Part Cat Account Number. This report will categorize the total cost's of all parts purchased during the time frame entered. The parts will be sub-totaled by the "Account Num" column in the part category screen. (Account Numbers can be set to part categories and match your accounts in your accounting software). This is similar to the Invoice Sales by Part Category Account Num. Report.

New Report: Reports screen, Invoices tab: Invoices Not Completely Shipped. This report is ONLY available if you have the optional feature "Show quantity shipped / received" checked in the Setup screen, optional features list. This report will show all invoice lines, grouped by invoice, where the quantity shipped does not equal the total quantity.

Customizable Knowledge Base / To-Do List

The KB Screen has now been broken down into 2 separate screens: 1) Search KB's and 2) Enter New KB Articles. Both are now full screen, allowing you to view much more information than before.

This screen is now accessed through the Tools tab at the top of the menu area, and is now a split menu item. The top half of the button will open the Search KB screen, and the lower half will show the option for creating a new KB Article. This is the only split menu button in the program where the top half will open the search screen, and the bottom half will open the screen for new entries. The reasoning is that, more times that not, you are searching for a solution to a known problem.

For the "Enter New KB Article" screen, all buttons are now moved to the top menu area, and much more clearly labeled.

The To-Do List screen now takes up the entire screen, and is accessed through the Tools tab in the top menu area.