Where can I find past versions?

KB000017 Submitted by Andy Colonna on Jan-28-2014

Description of Problem or Issue

Use the links below to download past full version installation files for Instant Quote Professional. Simply find the version you are licensed for in the list and download!

Applies To: Instant Quote Professional


Important: Only download the version that you have an unlock key for, as keys change with each major version number.

Resolved on: January 28th, 2014

Additional Information:

If you are looking for our last Manual, you can find it in the links section of this article as well. Article Last Updated on: June 21st, 2014.

-- Links --

Current Versionhttp://www.pcesoft.com/downloads/IQPro.exe
Version 7.81http://www.pcesoft.com/downloads/IQProV781.exe
Version 6.90http://www.pcesoft.com/downloads/IQPro690.exe
Version 5.60http://www.pcesoft.com/downloads/IQ2000Setup560.exe
Version 4.80http://www.pcesoft.com/downloads/OldVersions/IQ2000SetupV480.exe
Version 3.Xhttp://www.pcesoft.com/downloads/OldVersions/IQ2000Setup380.exe