Parts totaling improperly into the labor / shipping sub total

KB000007 Submitted by Andy Colonna on Dec-7-2013

Description of Problem or Issue

When previewing a quote or invoice, taxable parts are sub-totaling incorrectly into the labor / shipping sub-category at the bottom of quotes or invoices.

Applies To: Instant Quote Professional


This issue is caused by having the part category of taxable parts incorrectly set to "labor/shipping" part category types.

To check:

1) Go to the Parts screen, then click the button to edit Part Categories.

2) Scan for the part category that your taxable part is saved to, and check that the "Labor / Delivery" box ix un-checked.

3) Once the part categories are fixed, you may need to force the quote or invoice to recalculate. To do this, simply overwrite any line item's sales price with the same price, then press <enter>. This will force the quote or invoice to recalculate.

Resolved on: December 7th, 2013

Additional Information:

Article Last Updated on: December 7th, 2013.

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Demo showing how to fix labor / shipping totaling