How to move Instant Quote Pro from workstation access to dedicated file server

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When changing from a pier-to-pier network to a dedicated file server, perform the steps in the resolution section below.

Applies To: Instant Quote Professional

Make sure they are wired connections, as database performance over a wireless network is not great, and not recommended by Microsoft.

1) Create a folder on the new server called IQPro. Move the following 3 files from the pc that originally hosted the database to this folder (these files, by default, are stored in c:\program files\instant quote professional 2007\):

database.accdb, pw.mdb and testdata.accdb

2) The files above are what would be installed if you pick the 'dedicated server only' option when installing from the IQPro.exe file.

3) Make sure an actual drive letter is mapped to the new server's c drive, where everyone see's the same letter. Such as W:\ means the c-drive on the server for all users.

4) Make sure that all users have full access rights
(read/write/delete/create/modify and any other rights) to the folder: W:\IQPro\, including sub-folders.

5) Install the IQPro.exe installation file on all workstations, if you have not already done so. Use the 'workstation only' option during installation. This will install only the program and related files, not the back-end database.

6) Now it's a simple matter of launching IQ Pro on the workstations, then use the top left office button, then open an iq pro database, then open database again. Browse to W:\IQPro\Database.accdb for each workstation.

7) IF you are using the logo in the setup options screen, or part pictures and pdf location fields you might need to alter the path. For example, in setup options, the logo could change to: W:\IQPro\OurLogo.bmp.

Resolved on: November 27th, 2013

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