Part Category List is Blank / Disappears

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Description of Problem or Issue

When opening the Parts Database screen, or opening the "Add Parts to Current.." screen, the part category listing is blank.

Applies To: Instant Quote Professional

To fix this version, you must have Instant Quote Professional version 7.8 or above. Do the following:

1) Click the lower half of the Setup Options menu, then choose "Setup Options - Local PC Only".

2) In the screen that opens, Un-Check the "Disable active x treeview control.." box.

The system will then show a simple part category listing (that is not a treeview control, but rather a simple listing).

Note: Version 8 replaces the Microsoft Active X TreeView control with a custom treeview control built by pcesoft.

Resolved on: November 27th, 2013

Additional Information:
This occurs due to a Microsoft Security Update where Microsoft is now disabling the mscomctl.ocx active x tree view control that was in use for the part category listing. There are some articles on re-enabling this control but requires altering the Windows Registry. Search for the above control name and 'tree view control not working' and you'll find the hack.

Article Last Updated on: December 2nd, 2013

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