Send email box not closing until email sent or saved as draft

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When we email a quote from instant quote we used to be able to send other quotes to email and drop them into a single email. On a new install we can no longer do this. We have to either send the email or save it as a draft. This is a pain if we need to send more than 1 quote at a time (which we do almost every time). Our old PC with the full version installed (that also houses the network database) allows us to do this but the newly installed workstation licence does not. The software is pointed at the same DB/PW files as the old machine.

Applies To: Instant Quote Professional

The behavior described in the Problem/Issue section can be duplicated by using the Outlook Express / Windows Mail E-mail Method (see SMTP Setup tab of e-mail window). This setting uses MAPI as the e-mail protocol, which is not as robust feature-wise as setting the e-mail method to use full MS Outlook (bottom option).

To fix this issue (Provided that you are using full MS Outlook):

1) Click the e-mail button to e-mail a quote or invoice. With the e-mail quote/invoice window open, click the SMTP Setup tab.

2) In the E-mail Method selection, change to the bottom option: "MS Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007". This option will allow Instant Quote Pro to communicate directly with Full MS Outlook.

3) Switch back to the E-Mail tab, and proceed to send your e-mail. The e-mail window should now allow you to minimize it and continue sending more e-mails.

Resolved on: March 21st, 2014

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Just tested: In the SMTP Setup tab of the e-mail window, IF you have e-mail method set to "Outlook Express / Windows Mail", it will give the unwanted behavior you describe (Not allowing you to continue until you hit send). Changing it to the bottom option of MS Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007 fixes the issue.
Posted by Andy Colonna on Mar-21st, 2014
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Has your version of Outlook changed (which version by the way)? Could this be a setting within Outlook?
Posted by Andy Colonna on Mar-21st, 2014
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What we do on the machine that works is;

Select a quote, press the email quote button and then minimise the outlook window. We then select the next quote required and press email quote and repeat until all the quotes are opened in separate outlook windows. From here we just drag the attachments into one email.

With the 'new' system when we press email quote we can't minimise the outlook window or do anything in instant quote until we press send in outlook or save the email as a draft (of close the email).

Posted by Bentley Industrial Doors on Mar-21st, 2014
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Do you remember the steps you took that allowed you to attach multiple quotes into a single e-mail? Could this be related to not having a separate filename for each quote? If each had it's own name, I could see simply adding additional attachments (which is supported by the MS Outlook e-mail method and the EasyMail method). Question: On the computer that was working, do you know if you were using the EasyMail e-mail method?
Posted by Andy Colonna on Mar-20th, 2014
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