Where to store a logo or part pictures if using program on a network

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Where does the logo need to be stored if the database is on a network to keep from losing the link to the logo in global setup? Another issue is part pictures sometimes don't show in the quote with pictures form.

Applies To: Instant Quote Professional

Avoid using relative paths. These are paths that use the machine name, such as: \\machine name\c-drive\IQPro Data\. Rather, map a permanent drive letter that is the same for all users, such as K:\.

To do this:

* Browse to the C-Drive on \\MachineName\C-Drive\, then right-click and choose "Map Network Drive". You can then enter a drive letter that you know is not in use, like K:\, and check the "Reconnect at login" box. Do this for EVERY computer on your network, and make sure all computers are using the same letter, such as K:\.

In the title bar of Instant Quote pro, to fix the path that is showing for the database, simply click the File Menu, Open an Instant Quote Pro database, then browse to the very same database name shown in the title bar, but this time, choose the new path starting with K:\, or whatever drive letter you chose. Once you click 'Open', the system will remember and use this new path to the database.

Now that all users see the database location as K:\IQProData\, for example. Save the logo in that folder, and in Setup Options, browse to the new logo location. This way all users would see the logo as the same path:


The same applies to using the part pictures feature.. The path should be the same for all, such as K:\IQProData\PartPictures\.

Once the above folder is created, go to the Parts screen, and in the far right 'Picture' column, make sure the image starts with K:\IQProData\PartPictures\, for example.

Resolved on: January 6th, 2014

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