Computer Reseller Software

If you run a Computer Sales Shop, or are a Computer Reseller, Instant Quote Professional is for you! Using this powerful database software, you can track all parts that you reseller, using a fully customizable Parts Database that you create and maintain. You can add a global markup to your parts, and track serial numbers for all items that you resell.


Instant Quote Pro can be used as a POS system, or for traditional phone salesman / customer relationships. Additionally, Instant Quote supports:

Quote and Invoice tracking, by Customer. Pull up Quotes or Invoices at a single click.

Maintain a Parts Database, navigated using tree-view style part categories

Inventory Tracking (On-Hand, On-Order)

Track all Serial Numbers for computer parts sold

Log and Track Repair Work, using the Service section

Receipt Printer / POs Invoice support with Payment Tracking

Front / Back-End database is in the new Access 2007 runtime (Not Required)


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animated demo for our reseller database program See Our Computer Reseller Software in action - See an online demonstration that shows how Instant Quote Professional tracks your computer sales, and see how easy it is to use our reseller database software.


customer testimonials


computer reseller invoices screen

Customer Invoices Screen - Use this for POs Reseller Sales


Picking Serial Numbers from the Serial Number Tracking screen

Serial Number Tracking Screen


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