Instant Customer Tracker V1.0 (Formerly A-Ware 2000) (Updated: 10/17/2008)

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We our proud to announce our new program, Instant Customer Tracker, which has replaced the old A-Ware 2000 program. Instant Customer Tracker is fully compatible with Windows Vista, and was programmed using the very latest version of Microsoft Office Access 2007. Visit Instant Customer Tracker's new home-page to read more, download a trial and view over 15 screen shots of the new program!

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Instant Customer Tracker is your total solution for Customer-Tracking and e-mailing your Customers. Instant Customer Tracker allows you to track your Revenue, Customers, Group List Members, ship tracking #'s and tracking e-mails (E-Bay Seller's, etc.), software version tracking (Developer's), mass e-mailing, label printing, bug tracking and maintaining a searchable knowledge base.

Instant Customer Tracker Replaces 9 software programs that you use now: Mail-Merge, Customer spreadsheet/database, Labels program, Knowledge Base, Bug-Tracker, Reminders Program, Bulk E-mailer, To-Do List and Revenue Statistics Tracker. For shareware developers, a Bug-Tracking and Key-Generation module, with Version # tracking by Customer, is included.